9/11 – a Retrospective

By Adam Smith for the American Sun

There is an ancient Indian saying that something lives only as long as the last person who remembers it. My people have come to trust memory over history. Memory, like fire, is radiant and immutable while history serves only those who seek to control it, those who douse the flame of memory in order to put out the dangerous fire of truth. Beware these men for they are dangerous themselves and unwise. Their false history is written in the blood of those who might remember and of those who seek the truth.

Albert Hosteen, Season 3 premiere, X-Files


After the end of the Cold War the United States military stood unchallenged throughout the world – and was struggling to find a new purpose, facing budget cuts and base closures, with defense contractors consolidating and going out of business. Many were unsure of what the future may hold, yet others saw opportunity. Chief among the those eager to capitalize on this unused war machine was the Neocon think tank Project for a New American Century (PNAC) – led by none other than the architects of the later Iraq War. In 1996, its proponents such as Richard Perle and Douglas Feith wrote ‘A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm’ prepared for then Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu arguing for the elimination of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and containment of Lebanon and Syria. James Bamford, NSA scholar and author of ‘The Puzzle Palace’ and ‘Shadow Factorytold Keith Olberman in an interview that Perle, et. al. tried to get the United States to intervene on Israel’s behalf during the 1990s, to which Bill Clinton, to his credit, refused. Calling for a ‘new Pearl Harbor’ to galvanize American support for Israel’s wars in the Middle East, PNAC had to wait until a new President, George W. Bush, son of former President H.W. Bush and eager to impress his father after a life of failures in business and struggles with drugs and alcohol, to launch a new offensive at Saddam Hussein, who had earlier tried to assassinate his father.


Most Americans remember exactly where they were and how they felt the morning of September 11th, 2001 when news reports around the world told of a surprise attack on America’s tallest buildings and the control center of the US military industrial complex at the Pentagon in Washington D.C. Like many I was emotionally shocked and horrified by what was shown on television, and like in any psychologically traumatic situation, desperate for answers and a solution. When the White House and US intelligence agencies were quick to name Al Qaeda as the prime suspect, I wanted action. Most Americans did too, and when George Bush stood atop the still-smoldering rubble pile in New York and declared on his megaphone that “the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon” I cheered along with the crowd. The subsequent rapid deployment to Afghanistan and eventual invasion of Iraq – albeit on extremely shaky evidence – satiated a deeply felt desire for revenge. It wasn’t until the years dragged on, and the Middle Eastern campaigns turned from triumph to quagmire – my generation’s Vietnam – that I began to lose faith in the military’s capability and credibility. My doubts about American leadership were further amplified as years of trade deficits and financial pyramid schemes centered around the US housing market finally caught up with the American economy as bank after bank started to fail, sending economic shockwaves to other industries and around the world.


The first inkling I felt about the incredulity of the whole 9/11 affair began when they supposedly captured and killed Osama Bin Laden in May, 2011 – conveniently leading up to Barack ‘we got him’ Obama’s re-election campaign and coinciding with a highly-publicized Hollywood production ‘Zero Dark Thirty’. The fact that Bin Laden’s body – a man who was at the TOP of the FBI’s most wanted list for 10 years – was never produced, with the shaky explanation that he was ‘buried at sea’ in accordance with Muslim practices (despite the millions of Muslims living in land-locked countries) made me seriously doubt the official narrative. Seal Team 6 – the newly touted elite special forces unit leading the Bin Laden raid – was killed in a freak accident in August, 2011, covering up any eye-witness testimonials. Charles Strange, father of the killed SEAL Michael Strange, said on numerous occasions his son warned him he suspected ‘something was up’ and believes his son was murdered. And despite all that, the US military occupation of Afghanistan continued for ANOTHER 10 years after Bin Laden’s supposed capture, in PAKISTAN, removing even more credibility to the claim that America’s Afghanistan incursion was to stop Al Qaeda’s leader Osama Bin Laden. What is more believable, and simply by staring at a map of the Middle East for a minute will reveal, is that Afghanistan, along with Iraq, encircle the Zionist’s top target for years – Iran – the only country to remain un-invaded after Wesley Clark’s infamous ‘7 countries in 5 years’. With the New York times pushing for war in Syria in a daily basis and Lebanon having already been invaded by Israel in 2006 – the whole Neocon vision seemed to be taking hold at the great expense of American lives and treasure.


Physics is true, everything else is debatable.

Elon Musk

Which leads us back to how this whole 20-year charade began in 2001. For me, the first place I looked was the physical evidence – or lack thereof. Most people without a construction or engineering background on first glance might see the footage of the World Trade Center explosions and assume the spectacular nature of the impacts were plausible reasons for sending the buildings down. Upon closer examination of several structural anomalies, however, this narrative does not hold up.

Firstly, the impact holes on the Twin Towers created by the supposed airplanes violate a basic law of physics – that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For two objects in space, the force of impacting goes in both directions – in our case the 130,000 kg Boeing 767 and the 450,000,000 kg Twin Tower. The weight imbalance alone (roughly 1 to 3400) indicates the Twin Tower would easily absorb an impact relative to the airplane. Furthermore, the thin aluminum body of the airplane versus the heavy steel structure and concrete decking of the 110 floors of the Twin Tower would indicate a large imbalance between the structural strength of the two objects favoring the Twin Tower again, leading one to expect the airplane to shatter in pieces before penetrating the steel building. Yet the opposite happened, with the airplane allegedly going through not just the exterior of the building but out the back of it as well in the case of the second strike at the South Tower. Not only this, but the wing TIPS – the smallest and most fragile part of the airplane’s exterior – apparently broke through the much heavier and thicker steel columns of the building as well. This just would not happen – especially accounting for the torsional effects on the wings of an airplane plunging into a thicket of steel beams – much like running through a doorway with your arms outstretched. Your arms, or the in the case of the towers the wings – would simply fold backwards and away from the walls, not through them as shown by the impact craters. Explosives strategically placed along the columns would be a more plausible an explanation.

Secondly, the argument that the fires from the airplane’s jet fuel weakened the steel beams causing the collapse was possibly a red herring from the start. Many engineering analyses put the roughly 10,000 gallons of jet fuel in each airplane burning up in about 30 seconds, corroborated by survivors of the impacts such as Donovan Cowan.

We went into the elevator. As soon as I hit the button, that’s when there was a big boom. We both got knocked down. I remember feeling this intense heat. The doors were still open. The heat lasted for maybe 15 to 20 seconds I guess. Then it stopped.

The NIST report arguing that the fires from OFFICE FURNITURE were actually the reason for the collapse is even more ridiculous, given the history of no building ever collapsing from such an event, supported by the fact that building codes require office buildings to be designed to withstand such fires. Eye witness reports from firefighters and video of the day showing molten metal pouring from the sides of the building and remaining in the rubble pile (which smoldered for weeks thereafter by the way) indicate extreme temperatures near 3000-4000 degrees F, much hotter than wooden tables and chairs might generate, and more akin to a pyrotechnic such as thermite. Skeptics argued thermite would not be capable of melting steel beams, yet simple backyard experiments by civil engineer Jonathan Cole proved this to be actually be very possible. Furthermore, the US Army has patents on military-grade thermitic weapons useful for demolition.

Thirdly, the speed and nature of the collapse of all World Trade Center buildings leads one to question the various ‘official’ explanations of the ‘pile driver’ and ‘pancake’ theories, which argue that the upper sections of the Twin Towers falling downwards pushed the lower sections into the ground. While this makes logical sense, it does not explain the rapidity of the collapses, which occurred at near free-fall speed. In order for the ‘official’ explanations to make sense, the upper sections falling would somehow need to OVERCOME the same equal and opposite reaction of the lower sections resisting the downward force of the fall. Yet the upper sections, falling with merely gravity on their side, would SLOW down as the lower sections absorbed the impacts. The entire buildings collapse however at free-fall speed, as if the lower sections were removed in a controlled demolition using explosives.

Probably the most suspicious of all New York building collapses was World Trade Center 7, which did not suffer an airplane strike at all. Also falling at free fall speed, the firefighters on the scene of World Trade Center 7 (as well as from 1 and 2) all report hearing massive explosions prior to the building’s collapse, further indicating controlled demolition. Owner of the World Trade Center leases, Larry Silverstein, had purchased the rights to the buildings months before the September attacks, and insured the buildings specifically against terrorism WEEKS before the buildings came down, which he later claimed to be two not one incident and doubled his insurance payouts. On the day of the events, recordings of Silverstein telling his insurance company to ‘pull it’, referring to WTC 7, raised enormous suspicion he not only had foreknowledge of the attacks, but also had a hand in orchestrating the operations. 30 minutes prior to the collapse of WTC 7, the BBC mistakenly reported the building, which they referred to as the ’Solomon Brothers Building’, had fallen – indicating to many they had been given advance warning of the event by those who planned to carry out the controlled demolition.

Numerous professional airline pilots have also come forward expressing extreme doubt as to the ability for amateur hijacker pilots, trained on light single engine aircraft, to not only master the extreme complexity of the control surfaces of a major jetliner like the Boeing 767, but to also then fly the planes at top speed at low altitude into targets requiring maneuverability of a fighter jet. Among the expert critics is John Lear, son of the founder of Lear Jet and a former CIA pilot, arguing the not only do the flight paths not make sense, but also the speed of the jets alleged by NIST would have been impossible given the intake capabilities of turbofan jets and relatively high air density at low altitudes, as well as the structural limits of the air frame. Skeptics of the possibilities of planes hitting the building have argued at the possibility of CGI post-production graphics distributed to the media or the use of remote-controlled or autonomous military drone aircraft hitting the towers.

And speaking of no planes, the Pentagon and Shanksville, Pennsylvania crash sites leave the most to be desired in terms of evidence of any planes whatsoever. Despite being the nerve center of the largest military apparatus the world has ever known, the Pentagon has no surveillance footage of any airplane striking its side. There was also zero wreckage outside the building. Given the fact that the Pentagon sits extremely low to the ground compared to the Twin Towers and and the pilot of a jet would have to fly at speed along the ground as the official story contends would indicate extreme skill – again by amateur pilots who had only trained in light one ton aircraft – not hundred ton jet liners. Many speculate a missile instead struck the side of the building. In Shanksville, the crash site is so devoid of any evidence of any airplane the official story argues the plane somehow burrowed into the ground, including its wings, which unlike in New York, decided to fold up this time and slide into the ground without any wreckage whatsoever. Honestly the crash site looks more like they hired some backhoe operator to move some dirt around and then toss his cigarette on the surrounding grass to make it look like a fire.

Almost all of the physical evidence that did remain – mainly that of the wreckage in New York – the hijacker passport conveniently found atop the rubble pile notwithstanding – was sold off to China for scrap by Alan Ratner for a handsome profit.

And then of course there are the multitude of suspicious activities leading up to September 11th, including power downs in the building and unmarked vans arriving for weeks in August in the middle of the night. Many would speculate they were planting explosives – the truth however is less certain as the security cameras were conveniently turned off.

What followed the attacks on 2001 was nothing short of a ‘new Pearl Harbor’ in terms of reshaping and realigning America and Americans towards the ‘global war on terror’. The Patriot Act being rushed through with the help of an Anthrax scare targeted at congressmen hesitant to sign, as well as the rollout of full body scanners at airports and mass, warrant-less surveillance of all citizens by the NSA. The Patriot Act was applied to Susan Lindauer, a former CIA asset, who at the time was following orders to give the Iraqis warning that there would be an attack on 9/11, and if they did not cooperate they would be blamed. When she came forward she was sent to prison for five years. Michael Chertoff, the man put in charge of the 9/11 Commission (after George W. Bush’s initial pick – Henry Kissinger – was met with howls of protest) had been put in charge of homeland security, was profiting off the airport scanners through his company, and had removed an FBI investigator into looking into the fact the ZIM group, an Israeli shipping company, had pulled out of their leases prematurely from the World Trade Center right before the attacks. Some speculate it was his cousin, Benjamin Chertoff, who was the senior researcher on the infamous Popular Mechanics hit piece on the 9/11 Truth movement.

Yet despite all this, no one seems to have been brought to justice. The recent declassifying of the ‘missing 28 pages’ reveal the wife of ‘Bandar Bush’, Saudi royalty and family friend of the Bush family, was responsible for funding the hijackers. The war in Afghanistan was brought to a humiliating close with the hasty retreat from Kabul that left thousands of Americans and refugees behind, and the State Department and CIA’s thinly-veiled propaganda efforts literally painted over by the Taliban. The sad fact is the American Empire is rudderless, having been picked clean of its military and economic assets, squandered on pointless foreign incursions, consumerism, and deranged social engineering experiments. The Chinese, having waited patiently all the while working assiduously to perfect their economic engine, have already started making inroads into the American withdrawal in Central Asia with their Belt and Road initiative. As US politicians squabble over mask mandates and trans bathrooms and Americans go ever further into debt, China builds another thousand miles of bullet train track and earns billions in foreign currency from their world-beating exports. In the words of my co-host Hans Lander, “this country will probably will never recover from the events of 9/11.” And as the 20th anniversary of the events is upon us, I’ll close with a quote from former Italian President Francesco Cossiga, who stated.

All the democratic circles in America and Europe, in particular the Italian intelligence agency, know very well that the catastrophic attack was planned and carried out by the American CIA and Mossad, with the help of the Zionist world, to accuse the Arab countries and to persuade the Western powers to go into Iraq and Afghanistan.

If history is any guide, governments will continue to lie, and the people will continue to believe them. For those that remember, however – never forget.

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