A Nickel For Your Thoughts

By Timocrat for the American Sun

On Tuesday March 8th an event happened at the Nickel Exchange that is very ominous for our world at large and you in particular, that few outside the markets would have noticed and fewer still would have understood. For a day on the metals market the price of nickel went through the roof from 30,000. USD to 101,365 USD before being shut down. That would be noticeable in itself, but what happened afterwards is even more stunning. The authorities not only shut down the market, but erased the whole day and cancelled all the derivative contracts for that day. Including the over-the-counter sales made in total. This has brought lawsuits up the whazoo as this is really unprecedented.

Why was simple capitalism in this metals market routed with little logical reasons given? Well to answer this will take a long article, and this kind of presentation tends to bore most and be dismissed by others that prefer the official narrative preached by the MSM- or loud sensational talking heads like Jim Cramer at Mad Money.

Made Money

In ancient times when people moved on from barter in trade, they had tried many items as an exchange mechanism, for example in uncolonized Latin American cocoa beans were used as a currency. Then came the metal coins, and the Shekel, used by the Jews and in Israel today, which means silver, became the best methods of currency for trade for many centuries.

This ran into Britain, who had its consumer driven Chinese tea boom in the 18th century, and so it needed to buy this product (and others) from China in huge quantities, and as such Britain started to part with all its sterling silver, and then gold, as the Chinese would not accept other paper currencies, as China had already tried using a paper currency and knew it always ended up in hyper-inflation and then a financial collapse. The British had tried to sell other products as exchanges for tea, but the Chinese made superior products of all sorts. For example: porcelain, that we call “china” to this day.

The British oligarchy contrived to sell the Chinese opium by force of arms with cannon and man-of-war fleets. They then killed many a Chinese outright and directly in the war that followed, and then killed Chinese indirectly from their addiction to opium and general encouragement of the Triads crimes (Chinese mafia). The British employed blockade runners before the Opium Wars. These privateers were chosen from their allies in the US, so as to give the British oligarchy plausible deniability. These American privateers became a who’s who of American blue bloods (or wealthy) to this very day in the USA. So, to state the obvious again; in the 1800s the British were using secretive ways of conspiracy. This long track record of clear historical facts is often dismissed out-of-hand with one-liners like “conspiracy theories”. Will you be scared away with such one-liners too?

The Chinese also knew that free trade led to undercutting of their industry by competitive pricing, and many other aspects of unfair trade, that the British were in fact doing then and now. The British might have been suffering then, from the Chinese Mandarins knowing of their bad business reputation at that time quite well, as they had watched what had gone on in India by the English bureaucracy.

The United Kingdom oligarchy (and their American lapdogs) then became the world’s largest drug pushers, and then tried to split up and partition China with other European powers later. The roots of the replacement of fair metals trade to inflationary paper promissory notes or bills (paper currency), was set here in many ways. The British could not produce superior goods to get their real metal back. They went from being drug pushers, to being usurious lenders, to controllers of prime raw resources (like coal to oil, diamonds etc. and very secretively they started to acquire gold and silver). Germany prior to WWI was also making better products than the British, and that is why a war was contrived to destroy Germany, as the British had tried to start a war with Germany in Morocco and the Balkans prior to WWI.

There was also the “military” industrial complex of its time, and this was also a very profitable industry even then. Yet many European countries were dead set to win at this industrial military tech war, and they had huge armies that England had zero chance to beat in an open battle on the mainland of Europe. So Britain’s well known policy of letting no other European country get too powerful continued apace. As for dealing with the USA, they would go about the most complex plan the world has ever seen in bringing her down. The first step in tackling America was to increase the power of their banking friends with their added drug runners, to then add monopolists’ friends in railroads, and making allies with the Rockefellers for control of oil. From the very start of America these forces were in the Federalist Party, that had had no support with the masses after the Revolution, and forced them to close that party down. There next step to control both parties was in the taking over of the fledgling Anti-Masonic Party, and then changed its name to the Republican Party and away they went.

Glorified Paper

When paper promissory notes were pledged to allow people to travel without fear of robbery, we started the long corruption that has lasted to this very day in endless paper versions for everything. There is no end to date of poor saps going in to get their wealth from a bank (or in the future smartphones digital replacements) with a piece of paper with some ink on it, and being told they cannot receive their true wealth they had earned and saved. Presently there are bank runs going on in China with people being beaten away from their banks by police and agent provocateurs (hired goons) to discredit any peaceful protests. Whether they are a derivative, bonds, treasuries, insurance policies, mortgages etc. the unsuspecting holder has had to face the historical fact that has always occurred from the time of the creation of paper promises for real goods. The fact that a paper promise is only as good as the person or government issuing it, has always been forgotten by people that blindly trust authority figures. This robbery from above, which also takes the form of overprinting (the only true cause of inflation) has always led to self-righteous indignation on the part of suckers after the fact. I do not use these terms lightly because exactly how many times must people be conned by the same old scam before they wise up? Who knows how many times these cons/scams have occurred, for there is no way to determine any measurement?

Mark Twain: “It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.”

Mind you the government has had a hand in their populations’ ignorance. Surely in high school students should have been taught of the problems of credit cards debt, compound interest and how inflation steals the wealth of the poor in the Cantillion Effect. This Effect simply means that those who get the extra printed money first get to spend it with its higher purchasing power, and those who get it last get zero or even a negative purchasing power as the pace of inflation and hyper-inflation speeds up and people start to anticipate further devaluing.

The Greatest Depression of All Time (GDAT)

So here we are at the red sky morning (sailors take warning) of the Greatest Depression of All Time (GDAT). The new suckers are totally unaware of what financial apocalypse is on the horizon. I have tried for decades to warn and prepare people, but the super con going on has been masked all so very well with more than any 3 Card Monte (or Find the Lady) crooks could ever imagine. People just love to wheel and deal with the gambling vice.

We could look to movies like the Big Short and others as an easy way to see what is coming, but most will follow their feelings into TV drama queen series and gossip sport shows just a little too much, so that they are unable to look to history over the talking heads as to what is really going on, and what moves are afoot to take their pensions and savings by the people at the very top.

Yes, yes things are electronic now, but the plan after this GDAT is to make everything positively digital, and hence the introduction of crypto currencies to get the latest version of those with the gambling bug. Not to mention the credit cards system, Paypal and just about any other digital system being used as a stepping stone to what comes next. The Totalitarian Digital Coup d’État is upon us.

The Canary in the Coal Mine

The best way to see what is going on for the novice is to see the silver metal markets, and to a slightly lesser extent to the gold markets. People who study historical silver & gold physical metals know that it was and is real money- as shown earlier in this article. It has always been the canary in the coal mine as to the time to get out of all the paper promises of the past. Today that would include the digital promissory numbers too. This is why the powers, that ought not to be, have gone to a great deal of trouble and expense to hide these birds in the mine, so that the businessmen that still know even a bit of history will not panic too soon. They can panic later, after the corrupt people in-the-know get out of the markets and buy metals behind the scenes, but not too soon my white-collar friends.

So why Timocrat are not the silver and gold markets going on to Mount Olympus? For those paying attention it is the same paper game going on in these markets too, so as to trick people into holding paper version of metals, so as to distort them by shorting them through all manner of go-betweens. Everything is going up, while silver and gold mark time, and occasionally go down a bit. There is no older paper con than that used with silver and gold, but the people in this metals market are the wisest, outside of those in on the great scam. Yet these con men are not as smart as they appear, as they are psychopaths, and get bones like a dog does from their masters. Still the wheeler-and-dealers need to play the big shot, and so will not see the light- or the bird lying dead in the mine.

So therefore, the forces doing the economic destruction have the most distorted market in history in silver and gold. There are now well over 100 -150 paper promises to every real ounce of silver metal. They have sock puppets galore saying any number of cliches as to why you should not hold real metals, and they take you anywhere they can- but to physical metals.

To see this truth, one must look at how the valuable metal has been taken out of coins, and how they are getting rid of them. How much is a real older silver dime, quarter, half dollar and a nickel worth? Well certainly not their face value. It is not because they are supposedly a collector value, as it is the silver in them. So how does a 5-cent nickel go to the heights of over $2.00 USD? Some very old nickels go for $6000 USD. You tell me with your normie view of the economics? For some nefarious reason, no doubt, all these old coins with real silver in them are called Junk Silver in an ironic traders’ vocab, as an additional way to dismiss the historical sure thing. Unlike silver, gold in an economic crisis is not ideal to trade for supplies, unless you want to buy several thousand loaves of bread on one grocery trip.

Now I must say I have not been earning a high rate of interest, as many others claim to have been with their investments in real estate and derivatives, but neither have I been losing anything. The key to wheeling and dealing is to be a corrupt insider, and know when the plug will be pulled? As George Carlin said, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it!” JFK’s father was a corrupt insider, Joseph P. Kennedy, and was told to get out of stock etc. weeks before the Great Depression of 1929. He had been a bootlegger and more, and so was in with the higher ups. Yet for you and I, we are not insiders and so the longer you dangle your petard at the end of a pole the more you are likely to be hoisted on it when the sh1t hits the fan. In addition it is hard to know exactly when the final effect will occur as the usual methods to gauge the markets are limited, with the ability to print paper money like a counterfeiter vice, they can throw money at anything they do not like to suppress it, with the support of their buddies in the banks, who can throw their clients funds at things too.

Do not lose hope my dear readers, as there is a sign that the great event is not far off, and this is due to the effects of throwing money at things has lost its effects. The more they print now the more their effects are diminished. They are in a catch 22.

So what of the nickel market? It was simply the gold and silver investors testing whether the market manipulators will start to defend all metals with their distorted shorting, as they do the silver and gold metals markets paper scam. The answer is “yes” they will for now, and they will do so fully showing that they do not care about capitalism, fairness and honoring a deal. They will be Indian Givers in a market, after-the-fact, so as to hide what they are doing from the normies.

Yet we knew this as the people behind this are in many cases the exact progeny of the ones that sold opium to China. They are for modern mercantilism, so as to become above all laws. They sell capitalism, Marxism, Keynesism, the Chicago School Economics, and now the Austrian School of Economics as cover for the same Anglo-American mercantilism that has never gone away. Well go ahead and risk a little longer if you got the secret hand shake, or hide your hand in photos for portraits, but for the rest of us it is better to be safe than sorry. Otherwise, it will be a penny for your thoughts and there are no more pennies!

Next stop digital tokens or digital world currencies where you have no bank to line up to have the doors closed on you, and your account can be shut down like truckers in Canada for politically incorrect views. Then there will be Internet shut downs- like that which just happened in Canada in July 2022 when Rogers shut down all Internet service for up to 3 days with little or explanation? Are they testing a shutdown of the Internet so as to deal with us when the markets collapse? A nickel for your thoughts?

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