Accepting Reality

By Otto Bismarck for Identity Dixie

It’s easy to overdose on blackpills regarding the current state of our reality, but it’s also an important phase in the part of the process that comes next. I’ve done it and most likely you have as well. The acceptance of the blackpill is critical because, without doing so, any solutions we attempt will simply be devoid of any grounding in reality; thus, we will be ineffective. Essentially, without really recognizing reality any and all solutions are ostensibly LARPing and mental navel gazing.

Where we came from no longer exists, it is dead and gone just as America is dead and gone. The American age is at its end – the party is over. Turn out the lights. This is a hard and difficult fact for many to accept. Of course, many will go through the typical stages associated with grieving – denial, anger, depression, and, finally, acceptance. It’s important to understand that this is not the end, but it is an end of what we have known. Many think that if we do XYZ or continue to blame group X ad nauseam, we can somehow salvage all of this. Or, if we simply re-elect Trump and tighten down on immigration, we can stem the tide. I’m here to tell you, depressingly, that we cannot. Those are not viable solutions.

All of this was set in motion far before we were even born. The worst part about this mess involves those that were raised in the “old world” – wherein, we expected that society, its institutions, its systems, and its structure to be there for us when it was our time to lead. The reality is this was not the case and it simply never could be. What came before us, we may descend from. However, it is not ours. Don’t misconstrue that statement to mean our people never built the now decayed institutions. I’m not saying that, what I am saying is we did not own those institutions or that “old world.” We were merely brought up in it. The reality is the system that proceeded us, and the subsequent growth it brought, was not ours to begin with – it was our grandparents’ system. They made that system, they made that period in time which we look back with fondness.

The first part is accepting the good times really are over. The second part that comes after all that depression is the most important aspect – what now? That is the question we need to answer and it is the most important one, which is why this phase of blackpilling is wholly necessary. Without it, you cannot get to the “what now” phase.

It’s important to remeber that we left the the last vestiges of Old America on September 11, 2001. That is when the deathblow really hit. Again, what came before us was not our system, it was our grandparents. I state this point again to set up this next phase – we determine what comes next. There is not, and will not be, a “United States” as we knew it or was known. So, it is critically important to our movement in establishing what comes next – a rebirth of Southern identity and spirit. Hopefully, we will come to see the birth of a new country – a Free Dixie.

If anything, I would make the argument we are closer to our goal more than ever, even if it may not seem that way at first glance. We, the descendants of our parents and grandparents, determine what comes next. That is the most powerful thing we have ever had. We are not trapped within walls, we are free to determine our future – be it to our own prosperity or our own demise. Ultimately, we are free.

For everyone that came before us, our ancestors’ political tribulations have laid the groundwork for the future. A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in, to quote an old Greek proverb. This statement is important to realize and accept, what they did was for us. We are it. We must now carry the torch, lest our ways and civilization dies. What comes after us when we are done with our work is as history has shown – a period of revivalism. We may not be around for what comes next, but our forebearers conducted the most important task of carrying the torch at their stage of this great marathon. Now, the torch is ours, we must carry it.

We must be responsible for the rebirth of our civilization, our people, their spirit, our values, our way of life, and our traditions. This duty falls on every single one of us, including you reading this right now. It is the most critical and important work. It took the Irish many years before they were finally free. And, it will take us just as long, if not longer. Just as the British Empire was once at the height of its power and went through its own collapse, the American Empire will find a similar end. I’m sure there were some Irish who enjoyed the luxury and standard of living the British Empire provided, there are many Southerners doing the same within the American Empire.

We are tradition, we are the legacy, and it is our duty to carry on. Just because you may be blackpilled does not mean things are over. Only the dead will ever know peace. So long as we live and press on, none of this is set in stone. The future is always fluid and ever changing, what one day may have seemed surefire and destined, can suddenly and without warning change for one reason or no reason.

God has divine influence over our world and the events that take place in it. We cannot pretend to know His plans. However, what we can do is understand and accept He does everything for a reason. Perhaps He has much greater plans for us than we realize, or perhaps not. We will never know until they transpire, but until then we must carry on with the tasks He has given us.

The most important thing to understand about what came before us is, despite the prosperity it appeared to have brought, it ultimately failed. As hard of a pill as that is to swallow, it’s important to accept and understand. Without understanding this failure, we cannot prevent the same things from happening again. The methods they used did not work – they got us into this debacle.

We need to analyze how we ensure such a thing does not happen again. Thankfully, this is a much easier task than it has ever been due to the disposal of information we have. We are more knowledgeable than ever, as much as it may not seem that way. The system that we knew failed. The sooner one can accept that, the sooner we can begin towards generating real solutions to the problems we face. Most importantly, we can generate long term solutions that will and can have lasting effects.

This is why it’s important to not act in haste, take up street activism, etc. The best thing you can do as an individual is to follow much of the good, wise, and mature advice that has been given here at Identity Dixie over the years. Love yourself and your people, go to church, learn a trade, have a family, teach them the ways of the old world. Together we can ride out these dark times.

With all of this being said, I leave you with this song to lament over as you feel like drowning in a bottle.

Get back on the saddle, we are waiting for you.

God bless you and God bless Dixie.

I have seen three emperors in their nakedness, and the sight was not inspiring.

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