Against The Odds

By Ferdinand Bardamu for The Occidental Observer

 White Nationalism and its Leftist Enemies

The regressive left is clearly the undisputed victor of America’s culture wars. Even the mainstream “right”[i] has been co-opted by leftists. Together, both left and “right” constitute the leftist American Establishment. Despite an overwhelming influence over contemporary American society and culture, the Establishment refuses to dismiss White nationalism as a bygone relic, like phonograph cylinders or gramophones. Instead, White nationalism remains an object of intense, burning hatred.

But is the Establishment’s reaction to White nationalism without merit? Surveys of White racial attitudes suggest White nationalists do not exceed 5 percent of the American population; they may even be less than 1 percent. They control no major corporations or political organizations. Given the Establishment’s hatred and persecution of White nationalists, their lack of economic and political clout comes as no surprise.

Since the American Establishment is willing to overlook First Amendment rights, White nationalists find themselves covertly persecuted through a combination of legal and economic measures. These include firing, deplatforming and the suppression of White nationalist literature. In contrast, their leftist rivals Antifa and BLM are not subject to state persecution. They are far more organized, far more well-supported and far more capable of mobilizing large numbers of followers. Antifa and BLM can even tear down American historical monuments and turn 6 blocks of downtown Seattle into a police-free “autonomous zone” with total impunity. Would racial dissidents be similarly treated with kid gloves had they seized downtown Seattle and turned it into a police-free White nationalist enclave? The hypocrisy is disgusting, but not surprising given the source.

How is it possible such a tiny percentage of Whites can command the attention of the entire left Establishment? Almost daily, we hear over-exaggerated and even wholly fabricated stories in the media about White nationalist terrorism and surges in White nationalist violence. The intense preoccupation of leftists with White nationalism is seemingly irrational; but from a strategic perspective, it is quite pragmatic.

It’s no secret racial dissidents are among the most hated people in America. After all, White nationalism and Cultural Marxism are competing ideologies; however, in the marketplace of ideas, it goes without saying not all ideas are created equal. The White nationalist case against diversity, unlike the leftist case for diversity, is an unassailable one. Not since the rise of Cultural Marxism in American politics have leftists been able to mount a successful argument in favor of diversity.

Since leftists hate and fear White racial consciousness, they rarely engage with racial dissidents on TV or in print, except in the most superficial manner. On a subconscious level, leftists fear White nationalism because they believe it will persuade many Whites to abandon their beloved multicultural project. Clearly, we are not dealing with a rational political ideology, but secular theocracy guided by mystical egalitarian creed. In leftism, faith takes the place of reason as supreme arbiter of truth. This is the Achilles’ heel of the left Establishment, one which should be exploited by racial dissidents to maximum advantage.

The evidence contra diversity shows us why the Establishment is pathologically leukophobic. Pace the Establishment, White nationalists argue mass non-White migration, the de facto religion of leftist elites, lowers wages, reduces fertility rates, and raises the cost of housing; in other words, non-White migration is White racial displacement. Year after year, America’s cities look more like those of Africa and Mexico, with large pockets of Asia. Mass migration, especially of the kind America has been blighted with since 1965, is a terrible price to pay for ethnic cuisine or whatever else diversity is supposed to enrich us with.

Beyond the usual shibboleths extolling the virtues of diversity, the Establishment has no serious response to any of the evidence on the existence of race, race differences in IQ, etc. Leftist apologetics only gives faith-based reasons for equality and the supposed benefits of Third World migration. “Diversity is strength,” the most popular of these reasons, is a mystical slogan, no different from the Orwellian “Freedom is slavery” and “Ignorance is strength.” Compared to the string of empty platitudes that is multiculturalism, the White nationalist argument in favor of White self-determination is an iron-clad one. For this reason, White nationalism must be suppressed by the Establishment.

As George Orwell (allegedly) said: “To tell the truth in an age of deceit is a revolutionary act.”

Lessons from Orwell’s 1984?

Leftist hatred and persecution of White nationalism serves the same purpose as the Two Minutes Hate in Orwell’s 1984. Emmanuel Goldstein, who defected from the inner party to become a member of the counter-revolutionary “Brotherhood,” is the inspiration behind the Two Minutes Hate. Whenever Goldstein’s image appears on Oceania’s ubiquitous telescreens, people stop what they are doing to express their collective hatred of Big Brother’s sworn ideological enemy.

The point of the Two Minutes Hate is to take people’s minds off the party and its failings by focusing their hatred on a single target, allowing them to divert whatever hatred they have for their own government toward its perceived enemies. The inner party’s demonization of Goldstein is a warning to the denizens of Oceania. Those who defy party orders will be expelled from its ranks and, in Orwellian Newspeak, unpersonned. Leftist hatred of racial dissidents serves a similar broadly utilitarian purpose, reminding Whites of the necessity of ideological conformity, while simultaneously warning them of the dangers of repudiating the status quo. The possibility of expulsion to the margins of society, a social pariah deprived of the ability to earn a livelihood, is a terrifying prospect for the proletariat.

The left’s version of the Two Minutes Hate also serves as a rallying point, solidifying commitment to leftist ideals and strengthening devotion to the status quo. It is meant to pacify naive and innocent Whites into believing the real cause of all their problems are Klansmen and neo-Nazis, not the elites who import millions of non-Whites into their own countries and outsource high-paying manufacturing jobs to the Third World.

As an object of hatred, White nationalism is a convenient scapegoat, much like 1984’s Goldstein. It is not hard to see why this is so, given that White nationalism is the last bastion of reason and good sense amidst an ocean of leftist irrationality and obscurantism. Everything the racial dissident ultimately stands for is anathema to the left. In his refusal to perish along with his race for the “sins” of African slavery, Amerindian “genocide” and European colonialism, he ultimately repudiates the Christ-like role of sacrificial lamb thrust upon him by the Establishment.

The close correspondence between totalitarian democracy and Orwell’s dystopian vision is striking. Perhaps Orwell understood the psychology of leftist totalitarianism more than most. This may explain why so much of what he predicted has come to fruition, unlike the relatively benign dystopian predictions of his contemporary Aldous Huxley.

Leftist Black and White thinking?

In the Manichean vision of the Establishment, leftism is a force for good and White nationalism a force for evil.  Through condemnation of White racial consciousness, the leftist, motivated partly by ressentiment, denigrates the traditional virtues of Indo-Aryan society—pride, strength, self-mastery, individualism, objectivity—as moral evils, while elevating the virtues of his own Judeo-Christian slave morality—humility, weakness, equality—to a position of supremacy. Through Nietzschean transvaluation of all values, good becomes bad and bad becomes good.

The Establishment’s negative, irrational stereotyping of racial dissidents, a consequence of its Manicheanism, further justifies leftist hatred of White nationalism, not only among leftists, but to the public at large. If the Establishment = good and White nationalism = bad, it is unsurprising to find racial dissidents unfairly caricatured as gap-toothed hillbillies or uncouth neo-Nazis with a propensity for criminal violence, like the walking, talking stereotypes of American History X. The purpose of the left’s irrational stereotyping is to dehumanize and reduce to pathetic insignificance what cannot be refuted through rational argument. It is so effective that Jewish-owned media outlets and civil rights organizations, among them Hollywood and the SPLC, continue to irrationally stereotype racial dissidents as violent neo-Nazis and Klansmen.

This demonization of White racial dissidents reflects an even deeper animus against the traditional right. Racial dissidents threaten the Establishment’s multicultural project at their foundations, if not literally, then ideologically. In the world of leftism, the demographic transformation of the country is what is called an ideological non-negotiable; it cannot be jettisoned without compromising the entire leftist belief-system. As an ideology of all-consuming, overwhelming psychotic White racial self-hatred, leftism loses its raison d’etre when deprived of its need for race replacement, the leftist’s all-purpose solution to the “problem” of Whiteness. Racial self-hatred fuels the White leftist need for mass non-White immigration, or more accurately, the White leftist psychological dependence upon it for their own general well-being, as if it were some very addictive, very potent narcotic.

Given the absolute depths of White racial self-hatred, it seems only a natural catastrophe can derail plans for a majority-minority America by 2040. We have already seen how it took COVID-19 to shut down borders and bring air traffic to a grinding halt. One shudders to think what it would take for America to end her program of mass migration for good. A devastating race war? A severe economic depression that puts most Americans out of work? A plague that kills off half of America’s population?

If not any of these, then what? An asteroid slamming into the earth’s surface? For leftists, diversity is an “All or Nothing” proposition; either the West must be diverse or it must be pulverized into nothingness.

The madness of the left Establishment is apparently without limit.

Will White nationalism survive the American left Establishment?

The decline of the American Empire is unlike that of any other. Rome is a case in point. From the Chaos of the third century to the barbarian invasions of the fifth, the Roman empire endured a series of violent, earth-shattering cataclysms. By the fifth century, she had succumbed to myriad internal and external weaknesses–plague, civil war, debasement of the coinage, barbarian invasion, ethnic diversity, the spread of Christianity across the Mediterranean, depopulation and so on. Yet the pagan Roman elite still believed in Roma Aeterna and were proud of their descent from Aeneas, despite all of the humiliating disasters that had befallen the imperium since the end of the Chaos. Rome had died a violent, but natural death in the winter of its life-cycle.

Unlike Rome, the decline of America has been purposely engineered by hostile elites. The expatriate Jews of the Frankfurt School pathologized White ethnocentrism and leftists converted it into the unforgivable crime of “racism.” “Racism” was then weaponized against racial dissidents who opposed diversity. They were persecuted until they were forced from the mainstream to the margins of society, serving as a permanent reminder to average Whites of what happens to those who refuse to abandon race and nation.

Through social engineering, the left Establishment orchestrated the unilateral surrender of western nations to the incoming colored hordes; most Whites simply obeyed their Judeo-Bolshevik masters like spineless jellyfish. Few Whites fought back. Apparently, Whites have been so thoroughly indoctrinated by the media and education system they have come to embrace the demographic transformation of America as a fait accompli.

We may consider the decline of America an inexorable one for a number of reasons, all of them ultimately endogenous in terms of their etiology:

(1.) the atomization of modern American society,

(2.) the lack of White racial consciousness, and

(3.) White civilizational exhaustion.

The atomization of society is driven by industrial, technological, and socio-political factors. Through the medium of technology, entire communities have been uprooted, severing the individual’s ties with race and nation. People in America are now more mobile than ever before, unlike previous generations. Neoliberal economic policies have increased their alienation from mainstream society by reducing workers to mere cogs; being easily replaceable, the worker is no longer valued for his contributions. His stake in the social order becomes a precarious one, subject to the whims of the “free” market. As a consequence, he no longer has any reason to care for society or the future generations who must unfortunately inherit the mess left behind.

This lack of connectedness in American society means widespread fatalism and nihilistic apathy.  Many Whites have turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with the spiritual emptiness of their lives; the fentanyl crisis sweeping North America is driven, at least in part, by the disintegration of older communal and familial bonds that once existed among previous generations of Whites. In such an environment, it becomes difficult, though not impossible, to maintain a coherent White racial identity.

Secondly, Whites no longer see themselves as White. Until 1965, White racial consciousness was a defining feature of Americanness. Many American Whites saw themselves as Whites pursuing White racial interests. Even though not White nationalist in name, they were nevertheless ipso facto White nationalists. From the colonial period to the end of WWII, American “White nationalism” would have been a redundancy given the close historical connection between White racial consciousness and American ethnic identity.

Since 1965, Western popular culture has promoted diversity at the expense of Whites. For most, articulating a well-defined White racial identity is now beyond the pale. Since White racial identification is considered shameful, Whites have splintered along ethnic lines, returning to the hyphenated Americanism much deplored by Theodore Roosevelt. Whites who choose to defy the new status quo in favor of White self-determination are despised and persecuted.

Besides the atomization of American society, there is another, even deeper reason why the death of America is inevitable. Whites, as a race, have lost their dynamism, their so-called élan vital. The collapse of the great colonial empires in the post-WWII period is explained by White civilizational exhaustion. From once controlling over 84% of the earth’s surface in 1914, Western Whites now risk losing control of their own countries.

White civilizational exhaustion was most evident in places like Rhodesia and South Africa. In these countries, the White man surrendered his hard-earned possessions without even putting up a fight. Race conscious Whites, who believed southern Africa was the White man’s by dint of conquest, were too few in number to mount a successful resistance; not only did they have to fight off Soviet-backed Afro-Marxist guerrillas and their Judeo-Bolshevik allies, they had to resist traitorous elements from within their own ranks. If Whites refused to fight when they had the overwhelming tactical advantage, what will they do when the US becomes Brazil 2.0 by the turn of the century?

In The Hour of Decision (1934), Oswald Spengler writes ominously of the White man who has let down his racial guard:

The coloured man sees through the White man when he talks about ‘humanity’ and everlasting peace. He scents the other’s unfitness and lack of will to defend himself. …

Danger is knocking at the door. The coloured races are not pacifists. They do not cling to a life whose length is its sole value. They take up the sword when we lay it down. Once they feared the White man; now they despise him. Our judgment stands written in their eyes when men and women comport themselves in their presence as we do, at home or in the lands of colour themselves. Once they were filled with terror at our power—as were the Germanic people before the first Roman legions. Today, when they are themselves a power, their mysterious soul—which we shall never understand—rises up and looks down upon the Whites as on a thing of yesterday.

According to Spengler’s understanding of Western historical development, the “megalopolitan soul”—what Faustian man inevitably becomes in his drive towards the infinite—is a consequence of Western cultural decline or, what I previously termed, “civilizational exhaustion.” The megalopolitan soul is traditionless, religionless, hedonist, with an insatiable appetite for panem et circenses, rootless, but thoroughly materialist in outlook. Since he stands in opposition to the traditional social values of Indo-Aryan society i.e., patriarchal monogamy, hierarchy, warrior ethos or bushido, he is easily manipulated by the negation of these values, i.e., sexual freedom, universal peace, tolerance and equality, values he embraces because they undermine the traditional values he despises. At the same time, the non-Whites pouring into America do not share his leftist belief in “humanity” and “everlasting peace.”

That the White man is so naive he cannot discern his enemy’s ulterior motives is his downfall, but alas, a well-deserved one. His socialist world-feeling, his religionless Christianity (in Spengler’s words, his “dogmaless morale”), has blinded him to his own need for self-preservation. The White man refuses to open his eyes to the functional significance of slogans like “Diversity is strength,” which are used by non-Whites and leftists alike to advance non-White ethnic interests in America. By the time he comes to his senses and realizes America has been racially submerged, it is already too late.

In The Decline of the West, the megalopolitan soul is the creature of the winter phase of the life-cycle of cultures, marking the beginning of the end.

Concluding remarks

America wages wars, topples regimes and installs friendly dictators in non-White nations, even though these affairs are without any important geostrategic ramifications for American national security; she squanders precious resources persecuting racial dissidents, but cannot defend her own territorial integrity from the bands of Third World adventurers menacing her frontiers. It is one of the great ironies of Western history that America rose to global prominence as a White nation, but now crumbles into obscurity as a non-White mud puddle. Having long ago betrayed the aristocratic republican principles upon which she was founded, she ends her days as a decaying totalitarian democracy with imperial pretensions.

America must die because the Whites who once formed her civilizational backbone are deracinated, alienated and milquetoast cosmopolitans. If the destructive policies of the elites are irreversible, it is because there is no longer anything for Whites to rally around, nor is there anything to draw them together. America must die, but that does not mean White nationalism must die along with it. White nations have come and gone, but the White race endures to this day. Unlike the White majority, White racial dissidents at least have a strong sense of White racial identity. If a small number of race conscious Whites can survive the destructive tendencies of the White majority in a crumbling American empire, the White race will still have a future on the North American continent.

[i]      This is not to be confused with the classical or traditionalist right.

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