Antifa Militia Informs On ‘Trans’ Activist To FBI

By Joseph Jordan for the NJP

The Washington DC chapter of the notorious John Brown Gun Club (JBGC) is being criticized by fellow anarchists for its decision to inform on a militant transsexual to the FBI.

Earlier this week, JBGC DMV posted an image from the Instagram page of a man going by the username “lucidlead” posing in front of a transsexual flag with an AR-15 accompanied by a caption featuring the TND meme, except in this iteration he replaced the original content with satirical threats against “Christcucks.” The man was planning to attend the “Trans Day of Visibility” in Washington DC and was warning potential counter-protesters to “stay home on Saturday.”

While this content is menacing, it is unclear if it constitutes an imminent threat. Nevertheless, the JBGC decided to inform federal law enforcement, writing that the “decision was made to get in contact with the FBI through a trusted intermediary” and that this “was a tactical decision more than anything else, and we are still abolitionists. ACAB [All Cops Are Bastards].”

The individual they reported was allegedly detained and then released without charges.

When rationalizing their group decision to send the FBI after a fellow transsexual activist, the self-described “militant abolitionists” claimed that the person was only pretending to change their gender to hide the fact that they were secretly a Fascist, so the “snitching” was justified. No evidence to support this claim was provided.

Betraying their apparent concern over violence is the fact that the anarcho-communist militia regularly deploys terroristic discourse as a recruitment tool. Stickers featured prominently on the twitter accounts of JBGC chapters have slogans such as “I don’t argue with people John Brown would’ve shot.” John Brown was an abolitionist leader known for barbarically killing and mutilating entire families of men and boys that he believed were “pro-slavery.”

The synergistic relationship between self-described left-wing radicals and law enforcement has been a source of speculation for many years. In 2019, a member of the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club named Willem Van Spronsen firebombed an ICE facility, even though the group had FBI informants actively surveilling him.

Documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act revealed that in April 2022, an Antifa group was regularly providing intelligence to the Couer D’Alene police department.

Overall, the reaction to JBGC DMV’s actions have largely split their liberal and more extreme left supporters, with the former praising the group, while the latter expressed shock at the decision.

Following the Covenant school shooting in Nashville by a transsexual that killed seven people, including three little children, violent threats against white Christians from the “LGBT” community have peaked. Yesterday, local police narrowly thwarted a school shooting by politically aggrieved crossdresser William “Lily” Whitworth in Colorado Springs.

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