Armenian Military Mutiny Against Soros Puppet Pashinyan

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Armenia’s generals demand Prime Minister’s resignation over the combination of his poor wartime leadership and the attempt to scapegoat them for the defeat:


He responded by ordering the highest-ranking of them dismissed but after deliberation, the President refused to get onboard:



So now it is PM’s position which is threatened:



No surprise there, Erdogan prefers the pro-Western, Soros-backed Pashinyan who just presided over defeat to Azerbaijan and Turkey to stay on:


Karlin has something on how all of this started:

Hilariously, the thing that kicked this off was the Iskander missiles that Russia had supplied to Armenia.

Pashinyan was dissing the Iskanders supplied, dismissing them as a “1980’s technology” and claiming that only 10% of them exploded. General Tiran Khachatrian said that it was nonsense, which prompted his firing.

However, Pashinyan had apparently forbidden the General Staff from using Iskanders against Azeri enemy troop concentrations on account of the backlash it would provoke from the “international community”:

“On the third day of the war, I, as the head of the General Staff, decided to use Iskander in the direction of two strategically important facilities, one of the Baku-Ceyhan oil pipelines. Pashinyan categorically forbade it, although the Russians made it clear that it is your business, it is your war.

Three days before the attack on Shushi, I asked Pashinyan for permission to strike with two Iskanders directly at the enormous accumulation of enemy manpower on the outskirts of Shushi. Pashinyan categorically forbade it, saying that the international community would curse us if we killed several thousand enemy soldiers at the same time.

This apparent chutzpah is what provoked this apparent mutiny on the part of the military brass.

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