Cultural Marxism

By Tyler Liedeke for Renegade Tribune (2018)

The rise of Cultural Marxism and Critical Theory has caused all social norms to be put on trial and “prove their legitimacy.” This social libertarianism is a tool to dismantle all social hierarchies that cannot (in the cultural marxist’s view) justify themselves. These Jews, who are responsible for the idea of Critical Theory, aside from dismantling racial norms, have heavily concentrated on sexuality. Taking advantage of the social ignorance of people, as well as the Jewish control over media, science, and academia, they have gained a lot of ground. In the past, people did not know why things were the way they were. They just knew that is how it was, and it just was common sense.

People just knew race mixing was wrong. People just knew homosexuality was wrong. And people just knew men were men and women were women. But saying “well it’s common sense” is not a strong argument for our side. Just like I previously mentioned, the Jews had control of media, science and academia. Therefore they could control the argument and the research. With that, they were able to dismantle these social norms and create their own.

These Jews are able with Cultural Marxism to commit the greatest genocide in history. The White Race is in danger of extinction. In 1900 one out of three people on earth were white. As of 2007 (11 years ago) the white race made up only 8% of the world population. A big part of this genocide is the implementation of Cultural Marxism in former White Nations.

In the 1920’s and 1930’s a group of Jewish Marxist Intellectuals met in Frankfurt Germany and formed the Institute of Social Research. This later was known as the Frankfurt School. These intellectuals were; Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, Jürgen Habermas, Karl August Wittfogel, and Friedrick Pollock. They, of course, were all Jewish. They together created the social theory called Critical Theory.

Today we are at a tipping point. If we continue down this path, it will only lead to the death of the white race, which is the intent of the Jews with their Cultural Marxism and social libertarianism. Therefore we must combat these lies with facts.

The purpose of Cultural Marxism is to:

  1. Destroy the Family.
  2. Destroy Private Property.
  3. Destroy Religion.
  4. Destroy the Nation.

As I mentioned, the tool being used is Social Libertarianism. Social Libertarianism is a political views that is opposed to social hierarchies (ei authoritarianism). As one can see, those four objectives are not separate, but tie into each other. They tie into each other because the end goal ultimately is the fourth goal, the destruction of the nation. One by one I will in this article dismantle Cultural Marxism, and justify these “evil authoritarian social hierarchies, and previous norms.”

1. The Family

The nuclear family is the building block of human (especially Western) society. Defining the family as one Father, one Mother, and children. Cultural Marxism has used its feminism and homosexuality to destroy the Family. This of course was to pervert sexuality and divide men and women in society.

On Feminism

Feminism argues there is no definite difference between men and women, aside from “a couple physical attributes.” Some sects of the feminist movement even declare female superiority over men. These characters though are a minority. Like all egalitarianism, this one is based on lies and is false.

Men and Women/Gender Dysphoria

The differences between men and women are not “trivial” and definitely are not “social constructs.” The difference between men and women lies in biology. Sexual Dimorphism is the physical and psychological attributions of man and woman based on evolution. Men are 30% stronger than women especially in upper body strength. Also men have larger hearts and lungs. They produce more testosterone which increases more red blood cells, therefore more oxygen to the brain in muscles. If a man were to jog with 50% of his effort, a woman would need to use 70% of her effort to keep up with him.

There are also psychological differences. Men use seven times more gray matter in their brains while women use ten times more white matter. Gray matter is for more localized activity in the brain, while white matter is more networking activity connecting different areas of gray matter. That is why adult men excel in task focused activity, while women excel in more multitasking activity. Even the brain chemicals are different; men generally have less serotonin (a calming chemical), oxytocin (relationship and bonding chemical), and estrogen (the female growth and reproductive chemical.)

What sex a person is, is determined by his gender chromosomes – x and y. These determine one’s gender specific physical and psychological attributes. Through Sexual Dimorphism, evolution decides what specific physical and psychological attributes males and females have in each species. Those “evil authoritarian hierarchical gender roles” are not based on a social construct, but on biology and evolution – that is Nature itself.

People who are “transgender” are not normal. They suffer from a mental illness called Gender Dysphoria. This is because sex and gender are biological constructs. 99.2% of people (in America) identify with their gender with their sex, the .7% are abnormalities. For example: If a child is born with a tail, does that mean it is a new species of human? No, it is an abnormality. Gender is not based on a person’s “feelings”, it is based on objective biology. Nature has set up two sexes – male and female.

On Homosexuality

Homosexuality, despite the name, is not sex. It is perversion. The purpose of sex is reproduction. Yes it is fun, yes it feels great, since if it was painful and boring we wouldn’t do it, would we? If we didn’t, we wouldn’t reproduce. Hence it being enjoyable.

Sex has been made into something people do as a recreational activity. People have been taught that the point of sex is to “just have fun.” By that logic, why not let anyone have intercourse with whomever they want? That there is an intellectual mistake.

The mistake is made by assuming somehow humans are separate from nature now, and we can do whatever we want. “Man is an animal just like the rest of the animals, and he must follow nature’s laws,” said George Lincoln Rockwell. Sex will now, yesterday, and forever be for the purpose of reproduction.

This is common sense.

Marriage is between men and women. That alone is the definition and purpose of marriage. Homosexual Unions cannot be equated to heterosexual marriages. Marriage is a social institution for the advancement of society. The purpose of marriage is the following:

  1. To establish the family. The family is the essential building block of society.
  2. Through the family, to produce the next generation to inherit the society.
  3. To unite men and women in the society to build social cohesiveness. By uniting men and women to their natural gender roles, they together build two parts of a whole.

Homosexual Unions do not accomplish these goals, but harms them. Homosexuals cannot reproduce, therefore cannot pass the society to the next generation. Men and women cannot fulfill their natural roles as mothers and fathers, therefore social cohesion breaks down. Homosexual Unions by definition are not marriages.

We can even look at this from a “common sense perspective.” For example, if being a homosexual increases your risk of getting STD’s, then maybe it isn’t a natural thing to do. It is obvious the anus is not meant for sexual penetration.

2. Private Property

In nature everything belongs to itself, and therefore to collective inhabitants first. When someone or something mixes their labour with something from nature, that grants them the right of private property. If a man picks an apple from a tree to eat it, that apple becomes his private property. In the same way, if a man clears some woods, uses the timber to build a house, and starts cultivating the land, that house and that land is therefore his. That is the definition of private property. Property is only theft if the capital is generated from a collective, and is exploited by an individual.

The purpose of abolishing private property under Marxism is to establish a state capitalism. This creates a class of people who own everything in their own hands and can therefore create a new Capitalist class, and doesn’t fix the problem in the first place.

Under Marxism in practice (not necessarily by “theory”) this new class of people who would stand as an “equalizer”, actually now can exploit the working class. This is done by using the profits of production to make money for the state at the expense of the workers, as was done under Stalin in the USSR during the 1930’s. Ukrainian and Russian farmers had their grain confiscated by the Stalinist government, and that grain was put on the market. This was done while 10 million Ukrainians and Russians starved to death in the Holodomor.

The “end of private property” also is used to perpetuate class struggle. This divides a Nation, and at the end (as said before) starts an era of State Capitalism.

Private Ownership of the means of production is an issue, but Marxism clearly takes the problem and amplifies it. There should be a balance between private property and collective property. This is to bring the Nation together, allowing people to be able to work for themselves, but also have social justice where there is no exploitation of the working class.

In conclusion, the destruction of private property is not for altruistic aims. It is being used as a tool to divide and destroy the nation. And to deliver the property of private citizens into the hands of a ((parasitical class)).

3. Religion

Man for all of his existence has been spiritual. Religion has been as natural to man as sexuality. Religion creates social cohesion and binds a nation together.

Cultural Marxism has been used to destroy a nation’s sense of spirituality. This has been done by perpetuating Organized Atheism and Zionist Christianity.

Organized Atheism

American society started as a secular society, where the State did not have a say in religion, as the average man was able to believe what he wishes. This is enforced by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting free exercise thereof…”

There is a difference between a Secular Society and an Atheistical Society. For example in the USSR, Christians were persecuted because they held loyalty to a power above the State, therefore they were seen as enemies of the state. This, of course, was to replace “god” with the state. A Communist society is an Atheistical Society.

Organized Atheism today strives to deprive the nation of any spiritual tradition and replace it by blind Materialism. Although most individual atheists wish to have a secular society, their motives and outcomes are not congruent. Atheism embraces a “you only live once” lifestyle. Therefore one should only live for themselves, and ideas like Nation, Race, Family, a Higher Power is non existent. This allows room for degeneracy in the social atmosphere of the nation.

In the past Atheism was used by Classical Marxism to embrace extreme collectivism, because of the allegiance to the State. Under Cultural Marxism the tactic is to embrace extreme individualism to void the ideal of “the Nation.”

Atheism on its own, as the product of free thinking and coming to one’s own conclusion, is not harmful. Classical Marxism and Cultural Marxism has weaponized it to destroy the will of a Nation. The Jews have created this as a controlled opposition to religion.

The God Question

The question of god has been asked through generations. The common conclusion brought to us by the ((powers that be)) is, there is only you here and now, and a ton of plastic garbage to buy. Man, however, cannot stop looking to the heavens and asking “is there a god? Is there a higher purpose?”

No, science has not found some bearded man in the clouds with a son that looks like swiss cheese and angels. There is, though, evidence of a god, and a creator.

The Whole, the universe, is god. From the Gas Giants of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. To the ice covered mountains of the moon, to the earthly forests. That is the physical manifestation of God.

The Universe is predictable. There is a pattern to everything, a mathematical equation to the universal forces. So much that mathematics is a universal language. That is the intelligent mind of the universe, which is god.

The Universe evolves, changes to ever more complexity and higher consciousness. It once was a singularity then expanded to form heat and protons and electrons. Then atoms like hydrogen and helium. The formation of gas clouds, then stars, then planets, then eventually life. [Ren Ed: Jesuit Big Bang theory is not fact.] There is a constant urge upward, to improvement, and higher consciousness. As seen through the evolution of the universe, to biological evolution. This is the spiritual manifestation of god.

We are part of the whole. We are made from the same stardust everything else is made of. Nature therefore is not separate from us, but we live with in it. Nature’s laws are God’s laws, and we must follow nature’s laws. This is because again, we are part of the whole – which is the Creator. As Dr. William Pierce said, “….we are not the playthings of god, but ourselves are physical manifestations of god….”

This gives us a purpose. The higher purpose is the Will of the Creator. The only end we live for is the end of the creator. We are just a means to his end. That is our higher purpose, to serve the creator’s purpose. To rise from man, to superman, then eventually Godhood.

Our ancient Aryan ancestors understood this. The Gods were the different aspects of the Creator. The High One (Wotan, Óðinn) being the All Father (the Whole), the seeker of knowledge (universal mind), and Sieg Vater (the upward drive.) All the other gods being different manifestations of him.

This reflects the philosophy of Plato in his theory of Forms. The highest form of being is “The Good” which is reason. The “Good” is also seen as God. This is not coincidence because in the Germanic tongues the word for god comes from good (Ger. gut, gott old Ger. got; Is. góð, guð.)

God is the good, reason, and the whole.

Zionist Christianity

American Christians once had loyalty to their Nation and their God. Although there were natural flaws in White Europeans worshiping an Abrahamic God that was not native to them, the religion was not a lethal poison in White European culture in America.

Under the powers of International Jewry, the Christian Churches have been subverted. The average modern American Christian now has more loyalty towards Jews in Israel than their own people. This Zionist Christianity has been a poison to the White European people, not just in America but around the world, making Aryans loyal slaves to their Jewish masters.

Between Organized Atheism and Zionist Christianity, there has been a dichotomy created. One is either a Christian who loves Israel or an atheist with only personal loyalty. The Cultural Marxists have destroyed religion, not by abolishing it, but by subverting it. Christianity under this Jewish subversion has erased its social cohesiveness, therefore destroying the purpose to religion.

4. The Nation

The whole purpose of the Jewish Cultural Marxism is the destruction of the Nation. As already covered; through destroying the family, property, and religion are their ways of slowly strangling a nation to death. They also destroy a nation by denying Race and Social Hierarchy, especially through the State. A Nation is a group of people connected through common genetic bonds. For a Nation to succeed it needs strong leadership. When Race and the Purpose of the State is denied, the Nation is no longer a nation.


The Marxists often claim, “there is only one race- the human race.” This conclusion is ultra unscientific and ignorant. Man is an animal just like all other animals. Animals vary by breed, and you can breed better and worse animals. This means there are fundamental differences between animals. How come then when we come to this two legged animal called man, all rules are off? How does science not apply to man? White Europeans evolved for tens of thousands of years in Europe. We became suited for the cold winters and short summers. Sub Saharan Africans evolved in Africa. They became suited for a hot climate, and bountiful food.

Our ancestors around 4,000 years ago divided into different tribes and cultures around Europe, Forming Germanic, Italianics, Hellenics, Celts, and Slavs. From those we built city states, the nation states. We created White Western Civilization, and the whole world has benefited off of it.

In the far east, the East Asian people evolved in to fit their own climate. They formed their tribes, then cities, then Nation States off their own culture, which is part of them. These people formed the Chinese, Mongolians, Japanese, etc.

Evolution applies to man, not just animals. One cannot ignore that. Because of our different journeys through evolution we developed differences – physically, mentally, and socially. Race goes deeper than skin color. Just like the difference between a Seagull and an Eagle is not just “feather color.”

Again the Marxists claim that, “there is only 0.5% difference in DNA between a black man and a white man.” Because of that we aren’t much different genetically. The difference between any mammal is 5%, therefore that is a big difference. That 5% judges if a particular mammal is a Whale, a mouse, or a Horse. A 0.5% differences genetically is a big difference in the big scheme of things. That 0.5% determines if the particular mammal is a European, an African, or an Inuit.

Each people should preserve their differences. Each Nation is for the binding together of the people who have common roots, that is to preserve the Race.

The State

Leadership is a necessity. All animal species have a hierarchical system of leadership, such as in a wolf pack, or even an ant colony. Leadership is an evolutionary trait because it is essential for survival. When humans were in tribes there were chieftains. The modern Nation State is no exception. For a people to survive, there needs to be leadership.

Government is a tool. No more a tool than a labor union, or a political party. They are not inherently good or bad. For all tools, it depends on what its use is. In a capitalist system the state is for the interests of a Rich Elite.

The purpose of the folkish state is, “…the preservation and advancement of a community of physically and psychically homogeneous creatures.” (Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf Vol. 2 Chapter 2). A folkish state assumes its natural role, unlike in capitalism where it does not and eventually collapses.

As the “philosopher of Fascism” Giovanni Gentile said in La Dottrina del Fascismo,  “…the nation is created by the state, which gives the people, conscious of their own moral unity, the will, and thereby an effective existence.” Without a state, a nation cannot be. The states purpose is to preserve and progress the Nation. Again from Gentile, “In Fascism, man is an individual who IS the nation and country. He is by moral law which embraces and binds together individuals and generations in an established tradition and mission, a moral law which suppresses the instinct to lead a life confined to a brief cycle of pleasure in order, instead, to replace it within the orbit of duty in a superior conception of life…”

Without a hierarchical system of Leadership there can be no nation. The Nation would fall and disappear.


International Jewry has used Cultural Marxism to destroy Aryan Civilization for the past century. The poison has made us forget why these things were just a matter of principle, but with a greater understanding when the enemy is destroyed we will be able to create a better world, and never let this virus infect us again. We must secure the existence of our people, and a future for Aryan Children. Hail Victory.

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