Dawn of the Endgame

The coronavirus vaccine is in the beginning stages of deployment. Safety and necessity of the vaccine itself aside, government officials are now very openly stating that those who do not take the vaccine will be denied access to employment, various services, and regular society as a whole; from concerts to sports games, “group gatherings” in general, international travel, and even unrestricted access to health care, as just the beginning. In order for the unvaccinated to be discriminated against, there will need to be some kind of system put in place to ascertain who has been vaccinated and who has not.

One example of a proposed hybrid paper and digital vaccine ID system

An ID system to track vaccination status is being proposed by the United Nations, World Economic Forum, and various globalist NGOs. In order to meet their objectives of revoking freedom of international travel from unvaccinated individuals, the ID system will need to be global in scope.

The ID2020 project seems to be the at the nexus of this effort, a “digital identity alliance” that seeks to certify all digital ID systems deployed around the globe in order to ensure compatibility across international borders.

This could soon become a common sight anywhere there are “groups of people”.


It seems that in most places, vaccination will not be mandatory per se, but it will be legal for private businesses to discriminate against the unvaccinated as they see fit. Similar to how many places deny service to customers who are not wearing masks, even in places where no mask mandates exist, it will likely be perfectly legal for employers and businesses to arbitrarily deny entry to anyone without the ID + proof of vaccination.It’s possible that businesses that deny service and/or employment to the unvaccinated could get special breaks from the government in the form of immunity from lockdown shutdown orders, and loosened operating restrictions and regulations, such as mandatory masks, limits to customers on premises, and obtrusive plexiglass barriers etc.


It’s also possible that one of the goals of the endless lockdowns is to put as many small businesses out of business as possible, so that only large corporate stores will still be in operation, and they will all deny entry without proof of vaccination / the ID.

The World Economic Forum wants the global ID to be inseparable from all aspects of life.

The World Economic Forum have stated that the long-term goal is to have this ID used for everything in life, including logging on to the Internet and even individual websites. If that becomes the case, anonymity online will be totally abolished. If someone posts any wrongthink online, then presumably they can be punished by simply flagging their digital ID.


Then, they wouldn’t be allowed past any checkpoints where they need to present the ID, checkpoints that are going to be set up all across society initially to check for vaccination status.


The World Economic Forum is also pushing the idea that the digital ID can and will be embedded into our very bodies, and their transhumanist members are also asserting that our computer and smartphone technology will also begin merging with our bodies in the near future. They literally want us chipped like cattle, and they will sell this transition to the masses as a convenience.

A coming “cyber pandemic” will outstrip the damage caused by the COVID pandemic, according to the WEF.

There is something else going on as well.


The World Economic Forum is also harping on about a “Great Reset” that seems to involve abolishing the old economic and banking systems of the entire planet and instituting new global centralized systems of various kinds.


The same people are also now warning about a coming “cyber pandemic”, which they say will be orders of magnitude worse than the COVID pandemic. They have “predicted” that banks, health care, and the food supply system, among other things, will be crippled by unrelenting cyber attacks.


I believe their goal is to destroy our legacy digital infrastructure with sophisticated cyber attacks, then swoop in as the saviors, offering us a new type of technology to run our systems. The new tech will be based on blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, and be fully under their control.


They will erase the old banking system and maybe all of our wealth (thus achieving their “Great Reset”) with unrelenting cyber attacks, then introduce a cashless cryptocurrency.


The Bank of Canada earlier this year announced they are creating a digital currency “as a contigency”. What else could “contigency” possibly mean aside from the digital currency being necessary in the event of a catastrophic failure of the legacy banking system? The Bank of Canada has also recently stated that the central banking system must adopt digital currencies as soon as possible.


Without a doubt, to have an account to own and use this new digital currency, you will require the new digital ID.

Digital ID is being pushed hard in Canada as of 2020.

There has been a hard push for adopting digital ID systems in Canada, starting around the same time the pandemic appeared. There are various hybrid systems being proposed and deployed right now that allow people to upload their legacy IDs into a smartphone application, and then present their smartphone wherever identification is requested.


This is a stopgap solution, a bridge between legacy ID and the coming digital ID systems, that is conditioning people to get used to relying on their smartphone for identifying themselves. It should be noted that the digital vaccine ID systems currently being proposed all involve the use of a smartphone in order to show or determine proof of vaccination.


Ontario is planning to launch a digital ID system by the end of 2021, which they claim will be “as easy as Uber” to use, and in Alberta a newly launched digital ID system is requried in order to receive COVID relief benefits.


It seems that the strategy will be to gradually assimilate and replace all legacy ID systems into digital ID systems that will be compliant with the ID2020 specification, thus achieving a global human being tracking matrix from which no one can hide.

This is essentially a blueprint for a global slave control grid in which any dissent can be neutralized at the push of a button. Any dissidents who are identified could have their ID flagged in the system, and they could then no longer work, buy or sell, or even go out in public.


If we allow them to introduce and embed this system into our societies, by submitting to it as it’s rolled out, then we will be totally at their mercy.


It must be made known: The pandemic and the vaccine are vehicles for introducing this global digital ID system and erecting gateway checkpoints all across our society that will limit our freedom based on whether or not we have the ID and the status assigned to us via that ID.

I truly believe that if we submit to this new system and accept the digital ID, we will in the not too distant future wish that we had instead resisted it to the death when we still had the chance.


We must simply say “NO”, and accept the consequences.

The Beast.

Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name.

Here is a call for wisdom: Let the one who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and that number is 666.
– Revelation 13:16-18

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