Death of a Nation

By Michael Walsh for the Ethnic European

From Dublin and Cork to the smaller towns, there is no place in Ireland untouched by the tyranny of multiculturalism and the White genocide agenda. As the heavily promoted demographic shift afflicts the Western world, Ireland rarely gets a mention.

We hear about migrant crimes plaguing the UK, Germany, Sweden, the United States and more, but what about Ireland? Ireland is rarely considered when we think about the ethnic replacement of the European peoples.  Many look at countries like France and Sweden, the UK, and wonder which nation shall be the first to witness a White minority status.


The politicians, media and academia do not mention Ireland in terms of ethnic replacement calamity. They celebrate only the genocide of the Irish people.

The main principle of genocide, the removal of an ethnic community, is that one or more groups target another group to wipe them from existence using all and any means possible.

How this happens and over what period of time isn’t relevant to the definition.  It doesn’t alter the fact that Irish people are today being wiped from existence as were the Native Americans, Aborigines and many others. Ireland, due to their low population numbers of four million and the speed and scale of the replacement taking place, is particularly at risk.

A frightening aspect of the genocide agenda against ethnic Europeans is widespread and institutionalised anti-White hatred. Ethnic-Europeans are unprotected and indeed are the only ethnic group that can legally be vilified and discriminated against.

The Irish are not yet a minority and yet, already they are degraded and relentlessly abused by media, academia and the political institutions and legislators. In Ireland, official powers spin the story line that the Irish people need to be replaced and any resistance to their displacement shall be treated as criminality.

The Irish are told that the reason for their suffering genocide is because as ethnic-Europeans they are evil; they are remnants of a dying race who deserve to be made extinct.  This constant campaign is carried out in a nonchalant manner which borders upon sociopathic.

How is Ireland to survive such race-hating zealotry that is behind the genocide visited upon them? Will we see Ireland become the first nation for Whites to have official minority status? We know this is extermination, genocide. This is how posterity and God will see and judge this satanic phenomenon. A nation that can trace its culture and ethnic make-up back over 3,000 years will be eradicated in two or three generations.

Like most of Europe, Ireland endures the Islamisation of their people. Islam is spun as a positive ideology by mainstream media, academia and politicians. Muslims are granted protective status and enjoy privileges over the Irish people. Is that not racism.

Irish schoolchildren are subject to the teachings of Sharia Law. Irish children are taught about Islam as a positive ideology at school, taken to mosques to be lectured and indoctrinated by Imams. This rate hate criminality enjoys the full protection and backing of the Irish regime, police, the anti-Irish media and academics.


The indoctrination is heavy and insidious and starts from nursery age. The levels of indoctrination on the young are intense and relentless. Nobody has a right to do this to any ethnic peoples.

It is ironic but predictable that those who once campaigned so vociferously against the level of ethnic-European influence in Africa and Asia are now eager to support the omnipotence of non-Europeans over the White European peoples.

Every country in the West experiences the same attacks from the same quarters; charities, NGOs, various institutions and organisations created and run by traitors or foreigners pushing their own interests, usually a combination of two.

We endure thousands of organisations pushing for their own interests, that are counter to those of ethnic-Europeans; all are sponsored by those with the power to implement changes. Most people have never even heard of these nation-destroying groups.


The mainstream media promote degeneracy and race-mixing, advertising companies and billboards, posters; everywhere the Irish walk they have the media and corporate marketing indoctrination slapping them in the face.

Whilst the traitors and immoral opportunists celebrate their unwelcome diversity, the true reality is that multicultural policies bring nothing but violence, crime, overpopulation, cultural cruelties such as many practiced by non-European races and cultures, ethnic rivalry and so much more.

This is only going to intensify with tribal street gang warfare between the different races and religious groups who are not Irish. The Irish are caught in the crossfire of ethnic clashes.

Ireland is now seeing no go areas appear where the Irish fear walking due to the crime and violence. Irish adults and children, the elderly too, are racially targeted. Yet, the globalist corrupt politicians, media and academics will never acknowledge the Irish victims of these imported crimes.

If they did it would show them for the traitors and impostors they are. Their repellent racist agenda to replace the Irish would be harder to deny. Instead, those in powerful positions brush away the victims by screaming ‘racism’ and then pushing harder their agenda of multiculturalism and genocide of the Irish people.

With the prospect of Ireland having epidemic rape and violence, the Irish people can only observe as the horror show unravels, just as it has in so many other parts of Europe.

Wherever there is diversity there is desolation and violent crime. Of all the suffering and struggles of Ireland’s past, this time the end result shall be that they will no longer exist as an ethnic people, culturally or as a unique nation. Without the Irish, Ireland shall no longer exist.

The scale of treason against the Irish people is nothing short of a calamity. If the situation does not reverse, the Irish people shall become an indigenous minority. Then, as is happening elsewhere, in South Africa for instance, the indigenous Irish will suffer discrimination, exclusion, hatred and legalised mass murder.


Gerry Adams, leader of the IRA for 35 years and involved in violence and murder fighting the British, now welcomes the Third World’s replacement of the Irish people. What could be a greater betrayal? What was the point in past conflict? The same could be said for all inter-European wars, since our divisions have only resulted in our occupation and persecution by those who are not of our blood.

Ireland is an ancient country with ancient people. The Native Irish have nowhere else to live but Ireland. They have their centuries-old history, their blood running through the soil, they know no other way to live and adapt to.

There will, however, be a nearby island that is no longer Britain. These islands will be inhabited by Africans and people from the Middle East; Western Europe will look like an Islamic South Africa. This is inevitable and even the traitors openly admit this when they use terms like ‘transformation’ in an attempt to make genocide sound harmless.


To some, the promotion and praise of foreign races and cultures might seem benign, in reality it coincides with the dehumanisation of the Native Irish and once the Natives become a minority, this will not seem like fun and games anymore. Cork has festivals celebrating Africa..

There is no way to sugarcoat the on-going struggle and the extremely dangerous predicament the Irish people are now in. What we see today is only one early stage of the genocide process. It is about to become much, much worse.

Could the Irish be the first White nation to become a minority in their own land? If they are, how does this make the Irish feel and how does it make us feel as Europeans to witness the brutal and wicked demise of an ancient people who share their ethnic blood?

Irish people, like all Europeans, have every right to have their own homeland to live in unharmed. The Irish people have a God-given right to exist.

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