Destroying Dixie

By Kaisar for Identity Dixie

There is something very unique about Dixie when compared to the rest of the United States. It’s something that is hard for most to notice, unless they’ve either travelled extensively or have lived in many areas of this beautiful country.

I come from a long-line of military men. My father was a Marine, my grandfather a Navy vet, and so on and so forth down the known line. The mother’s side, while not military, all shared a gypsy heart and left their native lands to get some extra breathing room. Because of this, I have family everywhere. And at a young age, I’ve travelled to 48 states and have lived in eight of them.

From the West (Colorado, Utah, brief stint in Wyoming), to the Midwest (Iowa, rural Illinois, Chicago [which counts as a different state—trust me]), to the South (Tennessee and Florida). I’ve experienced a lot of different people and places. But out of all of these places, there is something special about the South. Something that separated them from the rest.

I remember a ghost tour I was on rather recently for the spooky season. My family was ghost touring a local town in Tennessee and the tour guide was sharing a historical ghost story about a Confederate versus Union soldier event in that area. At the end, the tour guide made a joke about how “The South will rise again! – But with the caveat that this time even New York wants to join.” With everyone roaring laughing, he made sure to sneak in a snarky, “But they can’t, and even if they could, we won’t let ’em”.

Which really gets to the root of the issue. The point is that Dixie has remained Dixie in terms of something more powerful than just their nation, which was devastated, subjugated, and forcibly swallowed into the mammoth of the federals. And it remained in terms of something greater than their system, which was overtaken and removed. There is a soul of Dixie, which has suffered, but remained. A soul that others can’t just “join.”

There is a common political topic I talk about a lot, which I call “The Three Essentials.” This is the recognition that there are three pieces that make up a nation-state: the system, the nation, and the nation’s soul.

The system is rather obvious, it is the government framework. The nation is the homogeneous group of culturally-similar people that make up the population (wherein, there can be many nations within one “state” or “empire,” but there is always only one “state”). But most importantly, is the definition of the national soul. The soul is the animating vital core of the nation. It is an incorporeal essence of a nation, similar to that of an individual, that demonstrates a combination of the mind and spirit on a metaphysical level to produce the very “being” of the nation.

Dixie lost their system completely after the war. Their nation was continually assaulted and subjugated throughout Reconstruction and even to this day. But, their soul remained. A piece of that essential three combination held on.

Which is unique. Especially, considering how fast and with little resistance the other nations within the United States fell. That’s before even mentioning that those other nations did not face anywhere near the same level of constant assaults that the South faced. The war had created a resilient soul in their people, if nothing else.

But the issue is: for how long?

How long can Dixie hold out? It is being chipped away continually and with extreme precision by its enemies. The ultimate goal is the complete destruction of Dixie. Can it withstand the tsunami of attacks?

Its main bedrock – Christ – is even fading in parts of Dixie. This certainly isn’t an unknown trend. A recent Identity Dixie article posted about similar chilling trends:

 “I fear Dixie is nearing that same cultural shift. While it would be easy to blame an increased influx of Yankees and others (and they are certainly partly to blame), much of this is also coming from within. Think of all the native Dixian families that have at least one child and have turned their back on Christianity (or embraced open heresy) and their nation. The loss of her religiosity would mean Dixie would be less distinct and conservative, allowing globalists to do even more of what they please. Remember, the only reason the U.S. does not already look like modern Canada, the UK, or Sweden is because the enemy could never figure out how to break Dixie. A people convinced God is on their side cannot be broken – as much as I dislike Islam, the Taliban is an example of this.

Secularization has hit almost every Western nation hard since the 1960s, even those that were infamous for their religiosity well into the 1990s like Ireland, Spain or Italy. Sweden was once thought of as a devout and hardnosed Lutheran society as recently as the 1950s (within living memory). The nations that can be considered as “Christian” in any serious sense are few and far between, and almost all of them were once behind the Iron Curtain. The bitter taste of communism taught them well. Dixie was/is the exception here, but how much longer she can hold out is up for debate. And, it is looking bleaker and bleaker.”

Dixie being the exception is important not just for the South, but for the entire United States. They are the only ones still holding on, and I shudder to think of the punishment that will come to this entire nation-state if there are no nations that hold on to that positive, healthy soul.

Even others down here in the South are talking about escaping the cultural takeover as it is occurring. We hear about this often with Musonius Rufus of Rebel Yell talk about “Colonies,” and I speak about it often on my own website in terms of “Enclaves.” There are plenty of others speaking about very similar things. While each may vary in terms of specifics, they essentially mean the same thing. Which is an attempt to keep our national soul alive through cultural preservation. We do this through the only means that we likely have left, which is a strong separatory defense from the degeneracy engulfing us.

I have no false hopes with it. I know that it could save the few of us involved, but it can’t save the national soul through itself. Because that soul requires the majority of the nation to follow it. If the majority of Dixie falls, we will be stranded in our enclaves. Better than the outside, but both worse-off than if the majority soul persevered.

Everything ties into this once you understand the bigger picture of destroying Dixie. This is why they are using “racism” and targeting Southern statues. They are doing everything they can to destroy Dixie, because even though Dixie was the first target, it is also the last target standing. It’s continuing to hold where others continue to submit.

It is, in a way, the last domino that can fall. What happens after it goes? No one really knows. Not even the people seeking to knock it down. God is showing us mercy for now, because there is still a nation worthy of that mercy. When his last refuge is gone, what happens then?

This is why I think it is important not just to politically secede from their system, but to also encourage those cultural traditions that enhance and preserve the soul of the people that cherish them. It doesn’t have to be political. Just continuing those traditions, customs, and inspiring that hope in others that they don’t have to submit is enough to offset it just a little, piece-by-piece.

Remember those Three Essentials. We can’t change the overrunning of the nation with other nations right now. We can’t change the system. But, we can help preserve the soul that will eventually allow us to correct the first two. Each one of us has that power, no matter how small, if only we recognize it. Dixie may not have the system, but it still holds that nation and soul, for now.

I’m not pessimistic about our opportunity presented here. In fact, my position is quite the opposite. At this rate, it seems that the system is collapsing at speeds far faster than the Dixie soul is degrading.

Which means all we have to do is hold out. If their tyrannical and terrible system crashes before our soul does, we have the perfect chance for a revitalization. One so magnificent it would make our ancestors teary-eyed.

At this point, it is just who can outlast the other. A new, better system can be rebuilt from the ashes. The nation can be reunited. But, we can do neither of those if we lose the soul and that spirit that drives our purpose.

Neither this system that we live under nor the onslaught on the Dixie soul can survive forever. Both are unsustainable given the current conditions. It’s a fight for survival, and the winner is determined by endurance, fortitude, and tenacity.

We just have to hope, pray, and do what we can in our personal lives to ensure that Dixie can hold out long enough to outlive the behemoth that controls her.

It’s the great people here at Identity Dixie, its readers, and plenty of other Southern Nationalists doing similar things that are fighting to do just that.

This fight is tough. No one can question that. But it’s important to always remember that by just being, you are contributing to that soul that is in a life-or-death struggle to survive. You are contributing to Dixie holding out to outlast the enemy.

Your very existence is proof that we can, and will, win.

-By Kaisar, founder and author of The Hidden Dominion

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