Facts on the Ground

By Hamilton T. Burger for Counter Currents

The Great Invasion entails allowing enough non-whites into white territories to enable a successful contest for power by the non-whites (and anti-whites). Everywhere the Great Replacement is taking place, this is the strategic ethnopolitical result that is sought.

The physical occupation of territory – “facts on the ground” — is the basic process of the Great Replacement. Everything else about it depends upon the success of, first, the act of occupation; and second, the transformation of physical presence into political power.

Playing on a peculiar weakness of white attitudes toward strangers, an inimical ruling class has wrapped the physical invasion in the sweet rice paper of “immigration” and created new “facts on the ground” that increasingly allow for no “liberal” method of reversal. Thus, all “immigration skepticism” or “immigration resistance” is “illiberal” by definition, requiring rhetoric and methods that fall outside the preferred definition of “our democracy” or “who we are.”

The illiberal opponent to replacement is therefore at some point bound to ask, “What is to be done?”

We must operate under the assumption that “facts on the ground” do not represent permanent conditions. What can be made, can be unmade (or remade). Likewise, we must recognize that “immigration” is simply immigrant bodies. Immigrant bodies — like all bodies — can be moved, or motivated to move, on their own.

Lastly, we dispense with the idea that we can go back.

In order to succeed in the pursuit of retaining even a shred of territory, we can only go forward. More specifically, we must not go forward with some imaginary tools that we might have if we first do X or Y. We must go forward with the tools at hand (or that might be at hand in the near future), creating our own “facts on the ground” and using those new conditions to create even more favorable ones. We must then repeat this process until we achieve all that must be achieved to secure the existence of white people and a future for white children.

To counter immigrant bodies is easy: Make them unwelcome. Unwelcome people tend to go elsewhere, to where they are welcome.

The larger problem is how to encourage the great mass of uncommitted — but slightly troubled — masses to at minimum tacitly support the “illiberal” actions required to accomplish the Great Redirect. For that we must counter one kind of legitimacy — liberal platitudes about being a “nation of immigrants” — with another kind of legitimacy: Community values and community integrity.

But “facts” in the abstract (propaganda, metapolitics, persuasion) cannot alone be used to defeat “facts” in the concrete. Only concrete actions bearing within themselves their own legitimacy — of “community integrity,” of “freedom of association” — can confront concrete actions in the world of “facts on the ground.”

We must build up those places where we are strong and defend our territories in the name of our communities, and their preferences and histories.

We must find the language and triggers that will enable the Uncommitted to feel comfortable with the actions of the Committed in defending our communities and their natural integrity.

We must encourage the unwanted immigrants to self-deport, if not out of the country then at least to a place where political representation is supportive of immigrants.

We need to create an inhospitable environment for immigrant bodies, while undermining and harrying those who seek to provide support for immigrant bodies. We must use every legal and peaceful tool — and create new legal and peaceful tools — to encourage immigrant bodies to go where they are wanted; which is say, to be somewhere other than “here.”

The Immigrant does not want to come to a war zone, however subtle that condition may be. The great mass of Disappointed Displacers can be turned on their enablers. It’s a matter of the movement of bodies in the right direction: toward the Enablers.

Though we are on the verge of Total Struggle, each battle must be fought where it can be best fought, and fought in the way made possible by the current conditions there. But each battle must be fought for the same end: the restoration of the right of communities to their natural and preferred integrity through the maintenance of their natural and preferred demographic.

The Great Redirect is one way to use the tools of the enemy to give that enemy a taste of our pain.

* * *

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