Family, God and the Land

By JJ for the American Sun

Antifa are the incipient communists of today. They are the scourge of God, Family, and Order. With communism there is only destruction and chaos, and the Southern Christian Male is public enemy number one. Corporations hate you and so do most forms of entertainment and public policy. During the French, Russian, and Chinese revolutions, Christianity and the Family were under attack. The State insisted on undying loyalty to the central government even at the expense of your family. Today, in much the same way, Antifa wants you to bend the knee and kiss the atheistic ring of so called equity. It would be wise to have some historical context to see where this current rendition is headed. The Russian example is particularly illustrative.

Systematic destruction of the Church and normal family tradition occurred during the Russian Civil War (1917-1923) and the post war era straight through 1941, and then resumed again after the Second World War. The goal was to make each citizen completely obedient to the State, and the Soviets rightly saw religion and family as two key impediments to their complete control of the people. A third key obstacle for communism was basic agrarian communal life. The countryside was more autonomous than the urban centers around the greater Russian landmass. Rural communities didn’t need the State, and for the most part could, and did, exist without much interference from the Czar or his faraway regime. Essentially, the more rural the more autonomous.

A prime example of the Soviet or communist attack on the family is the tale of Pavlik Morozov. The Soviets used his death to create a “martyr” for the never ending “revolution” in 1932. The story goes that the teenager (never really clear on how old he was) was killed for informing on his father. See, his father was a low level local official that was supposedly forging documents and selling them to make some extra money. According to the propaganda, Pavlik was killed by his family after he went to the authorities. He was also a member of the Soviet version of the Boy Scouts, which adds an element of perversion and wonkiness. The Soviet Union made statutes of the boy, memorials of various kinds, operas, and even a film. He became the symbol of the continuous communist revolution. Scholars disagree on almost every aspect of his actual story, but what is not up for debate is the fact that the Soviet Union used him as a major piece of propaganda.

They were instructing little kids to rat on their fathers! Can you believe the madness? You can see very similar things happen today in America. Teenagers are going online where they moan and whine about how their parents don’t understand racism and they aren’t progressive enough. There are videos on Youtube of teens (usually girls) crying about how prejudiced their dads are and how they just can’t take it anymore! Women and men take pictures of their little kids with cardboard protest signs that read “Black Lives Matter” or “Disband the Police” and parade them in their neighborhoods, posting endless pictures of them on Instagram or Facebook. The signaling is on another level. We are witnessing a full scale assault on any semblance of normalcy or thoughtfulness.

The official Marxist/Communist dogma on the family is: “the nuclear family unit is an economic arrangement structured to maintain the ideological functions of Capitalism. Following the abolition of private property, the bourgeois family will cease to exist and the union of individuals will become a “purely private affair”.

The communist wanted the nuclear family to fundamentally transform into a vessel for the State. The 1918 Code of Marriage affirmed that, “the nuclear family unit to be a necessary but transitive social arrangement that would quickly be phased out by the growing communal resources of the state and would eventually wither away”. Under communism, a couple wasn’t supposed to be able to adopt orphans, because the State would take care of the orphans. Illegitimate children were to become a thing of the past, because no one could be a bastard in a communist state. No fault divorce would be sanctioned along with individual property for both parties. The communists didn’t believe in family or tradition, but they would still use aspects of the family to tear tradition apart.

Before the Russian Revolution and Civil War there were tens of thousands of priests, monks, and nuns. Monasteries and church lands were fairly plentiful throughout the Russian Empire. It was essentially a confessional state and the Church received government money and honors. The Soviets tried to frame the Church and Christianity as whole as counterrevolutionary. Communism is inherently atheistic and based on scientific materialism, so of course any religion, let alone Christianity is going to be antagonistic to atheism. There probably isn’t a harsher juxtaposition of opposites than Christianity and Communism.

Throughout the first 35 years or so of communism in Russia, the Church was methodically destroyed:  physically, psychologically, and spiritually.  Synagogues, mosques, and mostly churches were leveled or commandeered and rebranded. All sorts of nightmarish atrocities were committed against organized religion and devout parishioners. According to some sources, the total number of Christian victims under the Soviet regime ranged from 12 to 20 million. This is a genocide that never gets discussed in academic halls or regular media. Why is that? Academia, most media outlets, and the Progressive movement as such are communist. They aren’t Christian and generally view history as progressing towards some tolerant perfectionist utopia. Much like Communism, with Progressives their imagined utopia is secular, scientific, and heavily bureaucratic. In other words, a soulless hell.

The last prong of the attack on tradition and regular normal life, is that this brand of communism is anti agrarian. This is best demonstrated in the term “decossackization”. It was the genociding of the Cossack people, an ethnicity and way of life that was located in southern Russia and the Ukraine. These people were traditional, pastoral, and religious. The Cossacks were generally an honorable and brave people with a rich history unto themselves. This, of course, needed to be liquidated by the Soviet regime. The Cossacks were too independent for the Soviet Union or the communist “utopia” they so desired. This was the first example of the Soviets attempting to exterminate an entire people or territory. Historian Robert Gellately claims that “the most reliable estimates indicate that between 300,000 and 500,000 were killed or deported in 1919–20” out of a population of around three million.

Rural America, and especially the South, are often ridiculed and singled out for being bigoted and uneducated. Rural communities still have a tint of authenticity and tradition. The South is a bastion of religion and more family centered dynamics. Being a rural community enables you to be more self-sufficient. In many ways you have to be in order to get through common occurrences like power outages and natural disasters. People in rural areas can generally take care of themselves. Our government knows that, just like the Soviet Union knew that back in the early 1900s. Some of the most robust, industrious people in America are small businessmen in rural communities. They employ maybe 10-20 people and are often community leaders. In the Soviet Union they would have been labeled “Kulaks”, a pejorative for a successful farmer.

There is a rural-urban divide in this country, more so than ever. A lot of Americans think farming and husbandry is thing of the past, and something that isn’t that valuable and needed. This is absurd, but much like the Russian communist, the progressive liberals/communists of today are cosmopolitan and very urban. The city or the city lifestyle is mostly all they see. One of the first things you do before you slaughter someone is to insult them before you dehumanize them. You can also add the word “traitor” as a kind of afterthought for posterity.

You already see people on social media and in the “protest “today going after white families for their “privilege” and their “implicit bias”. You might want to become familiar with the Progressive’s lingo and internet psychological warfare, because it could be that Antifa and Black Lives Matter become your overlords sooner than you ever thought possible.

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