Here Comes The Flood

By Resurrection Europa for Wolfish,

In 2019, the Canadian government announced that it is going to import over 1 million racially diverse immigrants between the years 2020 and 2022. They also announced a new immigration initiative called the ‘Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program’, or RNIP. The RNIP is intended to be the solution to something that Candadian government has considered to be a major obstacle to their plans to diversifying the Canadian population: The vast majority of immigrants that come to the country settle in just a few major cities, leaving small cities, towns, and rural areas largely unaffected by mass immigration.

The goal of the Canadian government is to establish populations of non-Whites in select rural areas and small towns by carefully vetting thousands of immigrants to select the ones who are most likely to remain in those communities after gaining permanent residency. It appears that their hope is that these seeds of diversity will attract other immigrants to these areas and other rural parts of Canada over time. Vernon, British Columbia, has admitted that their goal is to attract over 90,000 immigrants to their region by 2028.

Politicians have tried to sell this initiative as being crucial to the economy, but ultimately resorted to making appeals to the importance of instantiating diversity, reminding Canadians that reducing the proportion of European Canadians in the population, AKA “diversity”, is somehow Canada’s greatest strength. It’s also obviously a lie that they are trying to import skilled labor, since the RNIP requires only a high school equivalent education and an incredibly low score on the English language proficiency test.

Over the past several months, a strange phenomenon became apparent on YouTube: Dozens and dozens of videos began appearing, created by newly arrived immigrants, educating foreigners about how to apply for the Rural Immigration Program, produced in a variety of languages. One video series even featured a non-White immigrant showing off his White wife and their mixed-race child, complete with a tutorial on how to search for White women online after moving to a rural area. It’s probably a safe bet to assume these people are being paid to produce these videos, but it’s not entirely clear who is paying them or who it’s being organized by.

One video even featured a White Canadian man complaining about his ethnically homogeneous Dutch farming community, saying that Canada needs diverse immigration in order to give it “character”. The video was filmed by his immigrant girlfriend, who runs a YouTube channel teaching aliens how to immigrate to Canada.

The ‘Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program’ is also not the only strategy being pursued to pave the way for the racial diversification of rural Canada. A variety of psychological operations have been deployed by non-profit organizations in Canada who are for some reason dedicating resources to not only trying to convince immigrants to settle in rural areas, but to convincing rural Whites to accept and embrace the influx of aliens into their communities.

One particularly notable project of that nature is “One World Choir”, which was run by ‘World Folk Music Ottawa’. It consisted of assembling a choir of diverse immigrants, then touring around rural Canada doing performances and inviting members of the communities they visited to interact with the immigrants at luncheon events, with the stated intent being of “changing hearts and minds”.

Canadians need to be made aware of the fact that our government is actively working to ensure that there exist no homogeneous European communities in Canada via targeted immigration initiatives that are promoted using blatant lies and complex psychological warfare programs. It has nothing to do with strengthening the economy, and everything to do with instantiating racial diversity, which our government representatives are quick to remind us is “Canada’s strength”.

The 2020s are going to see record immigration numbers, and the most aggressive push for acceptance and integration of the aliens among us that we’ve ever seen. They want you to have nowhere to run to. They are now openly targeting the Whitest areas of Canada for diversification, and telling us that unless we accept this aggressive ethnic cleansing process, Canada will not survive.

Prepare for the flood.

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