Not All Jews!

By George Mackenzie for Occidental Observer

Many Jews become fearful or enraged when anyone criticizes even one single Jew. From a collectivist viewpoint, many Jews see this as a possible attack on all Jews and mobilize to resist it. Laurent Guyenot in his book From Yahwey to Zion explains the ancient roots of this collective behavior:

When a Jew is a victim, the Jewish people as a whole is victimized. … Jewishness is in some sense a latent sentiment capable of being activated by the slightest alarm.

Any aggression against a Jew awakens in him, and among the other members of his community, the trauma of the holocaust. Any anti-Semite, Judeophobic or simply Judeo-critical speech brings to mind the fear of ‘the darkest hours’ in history. Any injustice against a Jew is a little Auschwitz. Every Jew killed is a potential genocide; whoever kills a Jew kills the Jewish people.

This is a slippery slope argument with a vengeance.

So often, the one single Jew who is criticized claims victimhood to the evil of ‘anti-Semitism’, trying to rally collective Jewish appeal on his side. A good example was Leo Frank in the rape and murder of thirteen-year-old victim Mary Phagan in Atlanta in 1913. Frank claimed ‘anti-Semitism’ as the reason he was accused, and so enormous was the outpouring of Jewish support from around the nation that the equivalent of millions of dollars poured into his legal defense from wealthy Jews. So vigorous was the collective Jewish defense of this ultimately convicted (and executed by lynching) child rapist and murderer that it saw the founding of the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL went on to defend many other Jewish criminals including notorious Jewish mobsters and to counter-defame their critics. It would be a wonder if any other racial or religious group did anything but denounce and disown such a convicted criminal as Frank.

Another example was the ‘most infamous and hated (Jewish) Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky. He owned and operated a media empire that promoted government officials including President Yeltsin, worked various schemes to acquire enormous wealth, and got himself on the state Security Council while also claiming Israeli citizenship. When Putin came to the presidency in the late 90s—partly with support from Berezovsky—he confronted the oligarch with evidence of fraud and corruption, and Berezovsky was forced to sell his TV station and flee the country. Putin brought pressure against at least five other Jewish oligarchs, and although there were cries of “anti-Semitism,” most of the Russian people were delighted. Putin defrayed the accusations by promoting another Jewish sect, Chabad Lubavitch, ostensibly using it to soothe concerns of anti-Semitism. Berezovsky’s and the Jewish oligarchs’ appeal of anti-Semitism failed to generate much Jewish support, since “In Russia, everyone is aware of the Jewish identity of these men, and the acts of the Jewish oligarchs themselves have done quite a bit to increase anti-Jewish feelings there. The oligarchs themselves recognize this, as do many Russian Jews, who blame the oligarchs for giving Jews a bad name’. It certainly failed to deter the new Russian President Putin. ‘Some Jews in Russia view this [Putin’s crackdown] as a good thing, … and believe this will reduce anti-Jewish feelings in Russian society.”

So not all Jews rally to protect Jewish criminals, and some even openly denounce them. Whether this is purely in self-interest, to deflect ‘anti-Semitism’ from relatively innocent Jews, or genuine moral appeals, it remains a fact that Jews do not always act collectively.

It was most likely self-interest that compelled German Jews in 1933 to issue statements to the world, most direcled to the ‘International Jews’, declaring that they did not approve of the international Jewish boycott of National Socialist German goods. German Jews had decent prospects in the new National Socialist economic revival that was coming so long as they behaved, and they did not want International Jews inciting resentment and hate against them. The main instigator of the boycott in America was the Jew Samuel Untermeyer, and the holy economic Jewish war against Germany was announced in the London Daily Express newspaper on March 24, 1933. On that same day the National Socialist party had won the greater than two thirds majority (82.44%) vote of the German Parliament to pass the Law of Plenary Powers (Enabling Act) that gave the party full leadership of the country.

(It turns out the International Jews were deliberately pursuing a strategy of inciting ‘anti-Semitism’ against Germany’s Jews in order to defame Germany on the world stage, of which the boycott was only one tactic among others such as assassination of National Socialist officials, publishing of books calling for German racial extermination and cedeing of the country to neighboring states, and others, a topic for another essay.)

Could genuine moral concerns have been a reason many Jews around the world did not favor the creation of the Israeli state (see esp. Jewish Criticism of Zionism), and prior efforts to prepare for it? It certainly appears to be one reason. Some Jews felt that because Palestine already had large Arab, Muslim and Christian populations, the incursion of more Jews would cause conflict. While this could bring harm to Jewish newcomers, some Jews felt it would also harm the local established peoples, and this they criticized on moral grounds, notwithstanding the appeal of ‘the Promised Land’ for the ‘Chosen people’, and the slogan ‘A land without a people, for a people without land’ concocted by Ultra-Zionist Jew Israel Zangwill, who also created the ‘Melting Pot’ theory for the US. The other reasons appear to be mainly self-interest, mainly concern that diaspora Jews would be charged with disloyalty, and religious belief among True Torah Jews that only the Jewish Messiah could lead the ‘chosen people’ back to their ‘promised land’.

Jewish self-interest likely prevented their power elite from promoting the holocaust in America until 1967. This delay was motivated by caution on the part of  Jews not wanting to risk pressuring the American public and WASP power structure with a grand campaign of Jewish victimhood and Goyish guilt. The organized Jewish community felt more confident of its power in America after Israel’s victory in the Six Day War, and began the campaign to promote the holocaust earnest throughout the country at the same time America took over from Britain and France in supplying Israel’s security. While this example may not technically qualify as one of Not All Jews!—the strategy was simply delayed—it bears mentioning as a demonstration of hesitancy within the Jews’ own power cabal.

An excellent example of Not All Jews! involved the participation of about 150,000 at least half-Jews (mischling) in the National Socialist armies fighting Communism, including dozens of officers and some fully Jewish generals. Chancellor Hitler himself personally reviewed thousands of cases and signed exemptions to the Nuremberg Laws that allowed partial Jews  to remain in or join the Wehrmacht. Bryan Mark Riggs’ Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers calls the National Socialists ‘obsessed … with racial policy’, but it just as readily shows a willingness to be flexible, as mischlings themselves were. Riggs closes his introduction with the summation that his ‘study shows just how flawed, dishonest, corrupt, bankrupt and tragic were the racial theories and policies of Hitler and the Nazis’, but again it could just as easily show they were far more flexible in their racial views than even the current ongoing war propaganda imposes. Combined with Hitler’s concept of the ‘Noble Jew’, which he applied to his parents’ Jewish physician, it is likely at least some of these Jewish soldiers enthusiastically fought for Germany and the Third Reich.

A contemporary example is present-day Breaking the Silence, former Israeli Defense Force members who expose the atrocities they and other IDF soldiers committed against Palestinians.

I will leave out such groups as Jewish Voice for Peace, and Noam Chomsky and his followers, unsure at this time if they are little more than controlled opposition. It remains to be seen if the Jews joining the Alternative for Germany Party in its counter-Islamic efforts are sincere, or attempting controlled oppositon and/or internal subversion.

But yes, to be fair: Not All Jews!

The second part of this essay will focus on individual Jews who exemplify not just refusal to participate in Jewish evil and corruption, but actively defy it.
The best of these must be Benjamin Freedman. He converted from Judaism to Catholicism, prior to which he had a career of high-level power, acting as the liason between the Senate Finance Committee (Chair, Henry Morgenthau Sr. [Jewish]) and the Secretary of the Treasury during the Wilson Administration, attending both the Treaty of Versailles and Nuremberg Trials, and associating with other high-level people and events. Freedman spent the last part of his long life expending his substantial fortune from private enterprise in trying to expose the world-conquering Jewish Cabal whose schemes he had become aware of in his career in the halls of power. His iconic speech at the Willard Hotel in 1961, detailing the manipulations of this Judeo-Masonic Cabal, has become a classic reference for those today who understand this primarily Jewish Supremacist world control agenda.

Gilad Atzmon is another former Jew, a former Isaeli citizen who once served in the IDF, and later renounced his Jewishness. He claims he did not feel right benefitting from Jewish ‘chosenness’ and in-group privilege, and could not condone his participation in collective Jewish immorality, particularly with regard to Israel. Atzman openly denounces the hypocrisies, depravity and power lust corruption of the Jewish state of Israel and the international Jewish people generally because of their power on behalf of Israel. His analysis of Jewish group behavior comes from one who knows by experience, and like Freedman, his message is one of warning.

Paul Eisen is a ‘self-identifying Jew’ who appears to be vigorously exposing and denouncing Jewish power. He has been characterized as a ‘self-hating Jew’ for such writings as Speaking the Truth to Jews, Jewish Power and My Life as a Holocaust Denier, and other writing and speaking on The Jewish Question, including his association with Deir Yassin Remembered. For this, especially ‘holocaust denial’, Eisen has lost friendships, professional colleagues, board positions, and speaking events, suffered public defamation, and endured the hard feelings of his own family members.

Most likely the foremost Jew presenting legitimate ‘anti-Semitism’ today is Ron Unz. He says he ‘grew up in a Yiddish speaking household’, and has gone on to become a successful millionaire tech entrepreneur. He is the editor/publisher of the Unz Review, an online journal that has surpassed the iconic Nation magazine in popularity, due in no small part to the writing of Unz himself in his “American Pravda” series. These long essays explore the Jewish Question in depth, identifying some (Not All!) Jews involved in the events of 911, the JFK assassination, the Leo Frank case, and many others. These are surely inquiries Not All Jews!, but for some reason Unz has escaped the harsh consequences others suffer, and he continues to expose the Jewish Cabal. He says this is because they do not want to draw more attention to his writings by confronting him, but one wonders.

Brother Nathaniel is another former Jew who converted to Christian Orthodoxy on moral grounds. Like Freedman and Atzmon, he brings a warning from one who was once on the inside. The huge volumes of knowledge and opinion on his Real Jew News speaks for itself.

Here we must exclude such Jews as Harold Rosenthal, who while as assistant to Senator Jacob Javitz of NY exposed Jewish power, bragging about it to journalist Walter White without approval; he soon died under mysterious circumstances. Also, contemporary critic of certain Israeli Jews Max Blumenthal may be omitted as potentially controlled opposition, denouncing Israel and Zionism but not addressing the world-wide Jewish Cabal.

Even—perhaps especially—National Socialist Germany was Not All Jews! Adolf Hitler’s own personal chauffeur and body guard was Emile Maurice, a part Jew who fought for right on the side of National Socialism against Communism. Maurice was one of the earliest National Socialist members who fought at the forefront of tavern brawls and street fights against Communists, to ensure Hitler and other National Socialist leaders were able to address the gatherings they organized. Maurice went on to found and serve in the SS and held various positions as a National Socialist official. Maurice debunks the myth that Hitler hated all Jews and systematically sought their extermination. In fact, Hitler spoke on record of ‘the Noble Jew’ (his family’s physician Eduard_Bloch). Other National Socialist leaders including Heinrich Himmler appealed to Hitler to replace Maurice as chauffer and body guard with a full Aryan, but Hitler refused. He designated Maurice an ‘honorary Aryan’. Some accounts claim Maurice was only 1/8 Jewish from a paternal grandfather, and thus not considered Jewish under the Nuremberg Laws of the day, making this a mild example but for Maurice’s close personal connection to the Fuhrer.

While National Socialist Germans had legitimate reasons to hate Jews in general (Not All!), they allowed many at least half-Jews or Germans-married-to-Jews to become officers in the Wehrmacht. Major Robert Borchardt, who was half-Jewish, received the Knights Cross for his fighting against the Soviets. Near the end of his life in 1983 he is reported to have said ‘Many German Jews and half-Jews who fought in the First World War and even in the Second World War believed that they should honour their fatherland by serving in the military.’ Erhard Milch, also half-Jewish, achieved the rank of Field Marshall in the Luftewaffe. Other high-ranking National Socialist military men were half-Jewish; seventy-seven in all were identified by the German government. This is most often framed as Jews desperate to escape persecution by showing loyalty, but we must consider that at least some Jews thought of Germany as a beloved fatherland and loved their Fuhrer—and hated Communism—as much as most Germans.

Some of these Jews or former Jews cannot be said to be acting in self-interest, since they have been defamed, harrassed and attacked by other Jews and many Gentiles. Such ‘Noble Jews’ are reflexively denounced as ‘self-hating Jews’ by other Jews; they are ostracized from the otherwise tight Jewish community.
They find a new home among welcoming Gentiles who discover they love ‘self-hating Jews’ above all. The growing counter-semitic movement world-wide would do well to welcome increasing numbers of  Jews who expose and denounce the designs of the organized Jewish community. It would be ideal if more of the world’s Jews should come forward to denounce and counter its power. It would likely be a game-changer.

Because Not All Jews!

(Disclaimer: This essay should in no way be understood to promote ‘Noble Jews’ who expose and denounce the Jewish Supremacist Cabal as better in any way than Gentiles who do the same.)

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