Rising: Joe Biden’s Call for Ceasefire Ignored

By Hunter Wallace for Occidental Dissent

Of course it is.

We all know who is the boss in the Democratic Party. There is a reason why Israel can get away with doing all of these things which flies in the face of everything the political establishment says about “democracy” and “human rights.” There is a reason why we are funding what is happening in Gaza and defending Israel at the United Nations and why we are “standing with Israel” and saying they are the victims here. It certainly isn’t because Dispensationalists are all powerful in the Democratic Party!

A few years ago, Israel voted to become a Jewish ethnostate. Donald Trump gave Israel everything it wanted from killing the Iran Deal to keeping American troops in Syria to recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights to recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to turning a blind eye to the expansion of settlements to defunding the Palestinians. Trump was such an American patriot that he even let convicted spy Jonathan Pollard return to Israel. He would later give an interview in which he defended spying on America for Israel. Make Israel Great Again or MIGA was the official foreign policy of the Trump administration. Israel even named a Jewish settlement the Trump Heights in his honor.

Everything that the political establishment says about how “white supremacists” control this country is demonstrably false misinformation and propaganda. Jewish supremacists actually do rule Israel though and we’re fine with it. Palestinians actually are treated as second class citizens in Israel. They also rule this country too and dominate its institutions which is why they have the unbelievable power and influence to censor the entire internet or to weaponize the intelligence agencies against their critics.

Democrats claim to be opposed to “white supremacy” and systematic racism. Isn’t it interesting how Joe Biden supports it, defends it and funds it one of the few places where you could say it actually exists? Isn’t it interesting how we are the ones who call him out on his support for white supremacy?

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