America’s Decline: The Education of a Conservative


By Revilo Oliver, Published in 1981



In the introduction to America’s Decline, Sam Dickson, an American attorney and white racial activist still going strong all these years later, refers to Oliver as “a leader of the racial nationalist movement.”   Dickson writes that Oliver focuses on racial self-love among whites rather than animosity toward blacks or Jews.  He notes that Oliver believes whites would do well to emulate the loyalties Jews demonstrate toward their own people and traditions.

Oliver writes in America’s Decline: “Liberals are forever chatting about ‘all mankind,’ a term that does not have a specific meaning, as do parallel terms in biology such as ‘all marsupials’ or ‘all species of the genus Canis.’   The fanatics give to the term a mystic and special meaning that imposes a transcendental unity on the manifest diversity of the various human species.”    Liberals, he argues, “engage in frantic and often hysterical efforts to suppress scientific knowledge about genetics and the obviously innate differences among the different human sub-species and among the individuals of a given sub-species.”

“I reached the conclusion,” Oliver reports, “that our race was a viable species, and that therefore, like all viable species of animal life, it had an innate instinct to survive and perpetuate itself.”   He points out that his race does not realize its precarious status: “Whites are a small and endangered minority on this planet, but how many members of our race seem to have even an inkling of that fact?”


Robert Griffin

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