Armenian Massacres


By Frederick Davis Greene, Published in 1896



A complete and thrilling account of the terrible atrocities and wholesale murders committed in Armenia by Mohammedan fanatics including a full account of the Turkish people, their history, government, manners, customs and strange religious belief”—reads the accurate and original subtitle to this masterful account of the Ottoman Turkish Empire’s criminal rampage through Armenia during the nineteenth century.

First published in 1896, this book remains the premier source for what became known as the Armenian holocaust—an ongoing series of massacres resulting in the near-complete extermination of the Christian Armenian people at the hands of the Muslim Turks.

The author—an American missionary to Armenia—explains in detail the brutal nature of Islam, its self-professed divine right to enslave, torture and murder non-Muslims at will, and the terrible atrocities inflicted upon the Armenian people for no other reason than that they were Christians—and more intelligent and successful than the Turks.

Written before the age of political correctness, the author has no hesitation in pinpointing the true nature of Islam and its unparalleled cruelty and barbarity—and points out how the Islamification of any society will have the same effect as seen in Armenia.

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