Blut and Boden


By Ash Donaldson, Published in 2018.



A fairy tale like no other, for a people like no other….

An ethnic origins story for all children of European descent that instils pride and inspires imagination. History and legend, mythical and not-so-mythical creatures rub shoulders in this saga of the powers that have forged our people.

Frost and fire, sea and storm, the forces that have shaped the face of the earth, become personified in beings of terrifying power: the devouring powers of chaos called giants in our myths. Grim Jack, leader of the Frost Giants, begins an Ice Age as glaciers move across North America. His goal: the annihilation of the elves, who order and shape nature into works of beauty. Boden, orphaned elf-prince of a kingdom besieged, flees across the sea to Europe, only to discover the same endless winter, and an enemy even more terrifying.

But there he also meets the elf-princess Blut, whose beauty the very earth tries to imitate, and for her love he goes into battle. Together, they find help in an unlikely place: a new race of man being forged in the snowy North. Enduring unimaginable hardship, their features carved like the glaciers around them, this unique people will come to resemble the elves inside and out. With endless creative power, an indomitable will, and the mystery that lies within Blut herself, they will carve out a homeland through valor and perseverance.

Possessing gifts from elves and dwarves alike, this race of explorers, inventors, and artists will set out across the seas, even to the sunset lands Boden once knew – a New World to them. But there lies an ancient evil that threatens to undo it all in one terrible act, unleashing forgetfulness and self-loathing upon an unsuspecting people.

Blood. Soil. Memory. Tradition. Come join the quest with Blut and Boden in this lavishly illustrated tale for all ages.

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