Brother War


By Ash Donaldson, Published in 2019



History and mythology blend as never before in this re-imagining of the First World War and the forces beyond our world that may shape the events in it. The horrendous self-slaughter of our Folk is set against a backdrop of Elves, Dwarves, and Giants in a story that spans the furthest reaches of the cosmos and reaches into the heart of every man and woman of European descent.

Volund is an Elf-smith of great renown, but when his creations are judged inferior to those of Sindri the Dwarf, the consequences echo down through the ages. He and the other Sons of Ivaldi abandon their post guarding the border, letting in the forces of Chaos that threaten to devour our world. And thus begins a story so vast in scope that our race itself was forged as a weapon in this fight. But Volund has a weapon of his own, the greatest of his creations: the Sword of Vengeance, which no one may stand against and live.

As the guns of World War I claim the lives of millions of Europeans, four soldiers find themselves drawn into a cosmic struggle, a Brother War of epic proportions. There they must forge a weapon as powerful as the Sword of Vengeance. And one of them must also wield it….

Lavishly illustrated throughout, and suitable for readers 14 and up.

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