Did Six Million Really Die?


By Richard Harwood, Published in 1974



Of course, atrocity propaganda is nothing new. It has accompanied every conflict of the
20th century and doubtless will continue to do so. During the First World War, the Germans
were actually accused of eating Belgian babies, as well as delighting to throw them in the air and
transfix them on bayonets. The British also alleged that the German forces were operating a
“Corpse Factory”, in which they boiled down the bodies of their own dead in order to obtain
glycerine and other commodities, a calculated insult to the honour of an Imperial army. After
the war, however, came the retractions; indeed, a public statement was made by the Foreign
Secretary in the House of Commons apologising for the insults to German honour, which were
admitted to be war-time propaganda. No such statements have been made after the Second
World War. In fact, rather than diminish with the passage of years, the atrocity propaganda
concerning the German occupation, and in particular their treatment of the Jews, has done
nothing but increase its virulence, and elaborate its catalogue of horrors. Gruesome paperback
books with lurid covers continue to roll from the presses, adding continuously to a growing
mythology of the concentration camps and especially to the story that no less than Six Million
Jews were exterminated in them. The ensuing pages will reveal this claim to be the most colossal
piece of fiction and the most successful of deceptions; but here an attempt may be made to
answer an important question: What has rendered the atrocity stories of the Second World War
so uniquely different from those of the First? Why were the latter retracted while the former are
reiterated louder than ever? Is it possible that the story of the Six Million Jews is serving a
political purpose, even that it is a form of political blackmail? So far as the Jewish people
themselves are concerned, the deception has been an incalculable benefit.

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