Empire Eternal


By Sinclair Jenkins, Published in 2021



“The men who founded these great civilizations are long gone, but their blood still lives within us. We are called to conquer. Our age, like every other age, is a war of all against all for the domination of space.”


Throughout the 19th and through the early 20th centuries, the European Great Powers established direct control over the majority of the planet, and suzerainty over the rest. Despite the crumbling of those empires under the hammer blows of two world wars and the machinations of the United States and the Soviet Union, the feats by which they were established and the titanic efforts of the brave few that fought to preserve them still reverberate in history. Brave warriors conquered foreign lands, planted their flags, and tried to grow new cultures that mirrored their own.


Sinclair Jenkins –writer, thinker, and dissident – lays out a resolute defense of, and advocacy for, that force of will which made the age of European Imperialism possible. From the conquering of the American West, to the bloody Rif War, to the heroic defenses of Katanga and Rhodesia, Empire Eternal: In Defense of Imperialism is a tour de force of the various chapters of European Imperialism.


It is said that men did not love Rome because it is great – Rome was great because men loved her. These pages make it clear that likewise the European empires were not great because of some kind of overwhelming material superiority, but because of the eternal flame that pushed men to sacrifice for them – a flame that can never be extinguished.

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