Various forward by Ricardo Duchesne, Published in 2020



Folk is a coffee table book that offers a comprehensive and in-depth look into the topic of what it means to be a people. We share a unique identity and an exceptional history, but we are forbidden from expressing pride in such things. As Western nations become increasingly affected by mass immigration, however, more of us are forced to recognize that we have little to gain by adopting a negative identity, and that there is actually nothing wrong with maintaining the opposite.

The book features all-original pieces by important individuals such as Ricardo Duchesne, who provides the Foreword, Jason Köhne, Jeff Winston, Ash Donaldson, Ilenia, Jared George, Lovely Porridge, Laura Towler, Chars, Liv Heide, and John Bruce Leonard. Each has a wealth to offer on this important subject, and provides a unique perspective from their respective nations—including Canada, the United States, Italy, Australia, Belgium, the UK, and Germany—along with answers to the question about what it is that ultimately unites us.

Accompanying the written pieces are over two hundred images that showcase our people’s triumphs and mastery of the arts over the millennia, meant to inspire in the reader a greater appreciation for their people and their past, and strengthen their conviction about preserving those things.

An essential compilation, Folk offers clarity to the difficult questions surrounding who we are, where we come from, and what we must become.

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