From Major Jordan’s Diaries


By George Racey Jordan, Published in 1952



Increasing numbers of the public realize the government doesn’t always work the way their civics classes taught. A government is only as good as the politicians and bureaucrats running it. There’s been much discussion about topics such as the Deep State, the globalist oligarchy, and metaphorical “swamp creatures” inhabiting the halls of power. This refers to networking between the rich and powerful effectively forming a supranational power structure that transgresses the boundaries of legitimate government. Some call it the New World Order, a phrase getting much attention since two badly-received speeches by President Bush the Elder.

These swamp creatures are nothing new. An Air Force officer, George “Racey” Jordan, described much malfeasance in the 1940s, in From Major Jordan’s Diaries (New York: Harcourt Brace & Co., 1952). He was involved with the Lend-Lease program and made extensive records of shipments to the USSR. He also noted that Soviet espionage, as well as a very unwise degree of collaboration on our part, was enabled by traitors in the high echelons of power.

Beau Albrecht

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