Goodbye, Good Men


By Michael Rose, Published in 2002



Liberals who blame celibacy for the Catholic Church’s pedophilia scandals are missing the real cause: seminaries that actively encourage homosexuality, moral laxity, and theological dissent all in the name of post-Vatican II “renewal.” In “Goodbye, Good Men,” Michael S. Rose demonstrates that such seminaries are by no means rare. All over the country, gay priests and liberal nuns energetically recruit for the priesthood gay men and others of questionable moral character – while turning away heterosexual orthodox men.

Rose fearlessly names names to tell the whole shocking story and the “Pink Palaces” of gay debauchery that many seminaries have become is just the beginning! Rose introduces you to the lesbian witch who attended classes with Catholic seminarians – in deference to whom the faculty carefully avoided mentioning the Church’s teachings on sexual morality; the seminarian who was scolded for owning a cassock and refusing to read Playboy; and the seminary administrators and novice masters who took no action against gay sexual harassment of non-gay seminarians.

Each more appalling than the last, the stories document much more than just a few isolated cases of laxity: they betray a deeply rooted agenda by gays and dissenters to do nothing less than take over the Church. To do so, they’ve created the Church’s “priest shortage” by running serious Catholics out of the seminaries – leaving only deviants.

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