Green Nazis in Space!


By James J. O’Meara, Published in 2015



World War II has been over for decades, but Nazis are everywhere! From girls boarding schools in Scotland to fashion shows in Peking, from utopian desert islands to New York nightclubs, from intellectually fashionable Paris cafés to campy flats in Chelsea Square. They’re even in the War Room, and—my God!—they’re already in outer space!

James J. O’Meara, the Alt-Right’s most provocative writer, uses his “paranoiac-critical” lens to reveal the method of Judaic culture-distortion—such as the youthful “girl-craziness” that conservatives think of as the “good old days” but was manufactured by Hollywood to undermine traditional forms of male friendship and social organizations (and start World War II)—while demonstrating that it just can’t prevent the eternal return of the “Fascist Other” throughout our popular culture.

The essays collected here, discussing pop culture icons from Kafka and Burroughs to Houllebecq, Halston and even the Green Lantern Corps, show that the defeat of the European Revolution of 1933 did not mean the end of White culture and Aryan tradition, which continue to gleam darkly beneath the glossy politically correct surface.

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