Heroes Hang when Traitors Triumph


By Mike Walsh, Published in 2015

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Imagine Whitehall renamed Adolf Hitler Esplanade, The Arno Breker Gallery of European Art, Hyde Park known as Lawrence of Arabia Park. In Norway monuments erected to Vidkun Quisling and Knut Hamsun. In Romania; squares named in honor of Corneliu Codreanu. Throughout the Irish Republic and the U.S. streets and squares honoring the name of William Joyce. Military defeat is always followed by the character assassination of the fallen foe. Had the Reich triumphed, or a peaceful solution been found in 1940, many figures vilified today might be applauded and honoured in mainstream media, television documentaries, and schoolbooks. Heroes Hang when Traitors Triumph is a reminder that the victors narrative can and will turn saints into sinners at the stroke of a palace journalist’s pen. Here then are the true stories of great Europeans whose feats set examples of rare courage and fortitude, yet, whose reputations have since been defiled by victors propaganda. Very few people hate Adolf Hitler as they simply do not know the man. What they do know and hate is a mythical figure that artful propaganda has made him and other fallen foe out to be. The media’s fantasy Adolf Hitler simply did not exist. Heroes Hang when Traitors Triumph will perhaps give a different perspective of former much vilified foes.

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