Heroes of the Reich Volume One: European Values Salute Fallen Foes


By Mike Walsh, Published in 2015



Churchill’s war catapulted ordinary people into global fame. This multi-biography provides illustrated vignettes of those who freely gave their loyalty and their lives to the Führer’s Reich. Heroes of the Reich offer a potpourri of normal Germans facing the combined onslaught by British, the Soviet and American Empires. It salutes the bravery of those whose efforts remind us that war not only brings out the worst in us but the best also. Some vignettes are obviously colourful: U-Boat Commander Gunther Prien, the Aviator Hanna Reitsch, Luftwaffe ace pilot Baron von Werra, and SS-Sturmbannfuhrer Otto Skorzeny. Less recognised the French Divisions who were the last defenders of Berlin, Spanish Waffen SS, rocket scientist Werner von Braun and classical musicians Herbert von Karajan and Elizabeth Schwarzkopf. We salute the true heroes of the Reich whose courage lives on to inspire all those caught up in war.

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