Hitler Speaks on the Jews


By Frank Diepp, Published in 2019

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Compiled and translated by Frank Diepp. What did Hitler really say about the Jews? In his own words? Adolf Hitler has become one of the world’s most recognized anti-Semites in history. Barely a day goes by without his name being mentioned in the controlled media, more than sixty years after his death. Books continue to be produced about Hitler and the Third Reich—by the thousand—year after year, and as the heap of works mount up, hysterical exaggeration and distortions have become the norm.

This is particularly so with the issue of Jews and anti-Semitism. The controlled media continues to insist on the most ludicrous, far-fetched reasons for Hitlerian anti-Semitism—from allegations of Jewish ancestry, the medical treatment accorded his mother, to irrational fears or other psychological babble.

This book cuts through the lies and propaganda about National Socialist anti-Semitism by going directly to the source: Adolf Hitler himself.

To achieve this task, the compiler combed through hundreds of Hitler’s speeches and his major writing, dating from 1919 to April 1945. The end result of this labor is the production, without commentary, in in Hitler’s own words, why he was an anti-Semite.

Apart from the expected topics—the press, finance, and politics, all of which Hitler argued were under Jewish control—the subjects addressed include deeper issues which explain the Jewish presence in Europe, their influence upon society, culture, and art—and race.

This is a riveting read from beginning to end, and is vital for anyone seeking a real understanding of the Hitler phenomena.

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