Hitler’s Second Book


By Adolf Hitler, Published in 1928



Often called Hitler’s “Secret Book,” this is the only full-length, completely unedited and correctly translated text of Hitler’s second book, written to explain National Socialist foreign policy.

Dictated in 1928 to Max Annan, head of the NSDAP’s publishing house, the unedited and draft manuscript, provisionally titled Deutsche Aussenpolitik but later more commonly known as Hitler’s “Second Book,” was never published in Hitler’s lifetime.

Originally written as a propaganda recruitment tool designed to generate support for the NSDAP at the time of what he saw as an artificial crisis in German nationalist circles over the Italian occupation of South Tyrol, Hitler’s second book is of necessity dated with regard to some time-specific events.

Nonetheless, it contains much more than just a discussion of the South Tyrol issue. Within these pages, the reader will find the philosophical principles which underwrote National Socialist domestic and foreign policy, and a large number of astonishingly accurate and prescient foresights into many pressing international issues which still occupy the world stage in the twenty-first century.

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