My Irrelevant Defence: Jewish Ritual Murder


By Arnold S. Leese, Published in 1938



I challenge and defy the Judaeo-Masonic Power, which rules this country (UK), by publishing the present work in 1938, not only in my own defence, but in the public interest to break the attack on Free Speech that is rapidly developing wherever any criticism of the past or present conduct of Jews is concerned an attack which relies for its success upon the ridiculous charge that a breach of the peace is likely if the truth about them is spoken! I do so in order that the Jews shall not escape simply through the power of Money and Masonry from bearing the burden of a charge which, in my opinion, has been proved against some of them through the ages. My object is to alter “a matter of State established,” namely the status of Jews in this country on an equality with Britons, a condition which is imperiling our civilization, and to enlighten the public on their true nature as beings possessing instincts utterly incompatible with our own, so that they may be removed, legally and peacefully, to a National Home in which they will be required to live. In this aim, I keep troth with the greatest of English kings, Edward I, who expelled the Jews from these shores in 1290.

The maintenance of Free Speech demands that Jewish Ritual Murder shall be a subject for open discussion, like Suttee and Thuggee, all of which were ritual murders which, like the Jewish variety, would be practised to-day if the Aryan had not interfered to prevent them. If the world thinks that I have not, in this book, proved my case, let it laugh ! But can the Jews? The Jewish Chronicle (25th September, 1936) complained after my trial that there had been no opportunity for the Jews to refute the charge of Ritual Murder. Well, they have one now!

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