It Might Have Happened to You


By Guy Aldred & John Wynn, Published in 2012



A contemporary account of how British citizens were arrested and imprisoned without charge or trial under Regulation 18B. The Editor, Guy Aldred, was a dedicated, life long socialist and in his Forward he makes the following statement.

“I have practically no political sympathies with the individuals now interned, as individuals. Were they free I would be their opponent. But they are imprisoned without charge or trial. If they are traitors, indict them. If they are not traitors, release them. If they cannot be indicted, they ought to be restored to human liberty. In the name of John Hampden, Thomas Paine, Richard Carlile, and most of my radical forbears, I demand their freedom. By what right are our liberties denied and government by proscription accepted as the law of Britain?”

This new edition includes previously unpublished photographs, and gives vivid accounts of the experiences of the detainees in various prisons and internment camps, including the notorious MI5 interrogation centre at Ham Common. The Ben Greene case is dealt with, and the attitude of the Press and how MP’s were misled in order to get “Regulation 18B” passed as law – overriding Magna Carta and the tradition that had guaranteed English civil liberties for 800 years.

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