Nova Europa


By Arthur Kemp, Published in 2013



Given current demographic trends, European people will first become an outright minority in their own lands within the next thirty years.

Thereafter, they will become a tiny minority, and shortly after that, will vanish completely under a flood of further immigration and miscegenation.

“Traditional” political activity has failed to stem the tide, and the time has come to consider an alternative strategy which will preserve Europeans in the post-Western age. This book describes the steps required to attain a practical solution, namely a European ethnostate, divorced from “white supremacy” over others.

Drawing upon history and two practical examples (the Afrikaner town of Orania and the Zionist state of Israel), the author forms an coherent argument for the creation of, at first, local European communities, and then eventually, the creation of a European ethnostate arising from the chaos of a Third Worldized globe. It includes detailed steps and territorial proposals.

It is a positive, practical, answer to the crisis facing European man and which, if implemented, might provide his only salvation.

Why is it that only the European people are under threat in this way?

What is different about the other peoples of the earth, that they are not under threat of extinction in this manner?

The answer is simple, and obvious: it is because all the other people of the earth have homelands, or heartlands, where they can maintain their racial integrity and identity, no matter what else happens elsewhere in the world.

No matter how much the miscegenation process continues elsewhere, China will always be Chinese.

Japan will always be Japanese.

Africa will always be African.

Why therefore, is there no European heartland, in which European people are a majority, and in which they have the inalienable right to maintain their racial identity and integrity?

European people need a heartland, a homeland, just like any other people on earth.

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