On the Jews


By Eugen Duhring, Published in 1997



Duehring’s work Die Judenfrage is described as putting art, religion and science as well as politics, economics and journalism, in a causal relationship with German Jewry. The second part of the book is devoted to a solution of the Jewish question. In the third and final part Christianity and organized religion are subjected to sharp criticism.

On the matter of establishing a society without Jews, Duehring allies himself with those who see Jews and Germans as mutually incompatible in the very roots of their being. He argues forcefully, therefore, for separation. Such conclusions are familiar to any student of the Jewish question, but the premises that led to them are unfamiliar. It is of primary importance in this connection that Duehring stood almost alone among his contemporaries in arguing that the differences were in race, in a biological, or in an almost biological, sense. Duehring could not altogether disentangle all the national and cultural human traits from the racial ones. But he moved consciously and decisively in the direction of Darwinian and biological determinism.


Rosemary Pennington

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