The Origin of Races


By Carleton S. Coon, Published in 1962

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An excellent examination of the origin of the races, physical differences between the races, and the development of the various
races. Political correctness has greatly inhibited a full and complete public discussion of this topic. Too much intellectual and academic freedom has been given up in the name of political correctness.
Physical anthropologists ignore or avoid these findings and minimize them, mostly due to political agendas or beliefs. Science is always in danger of being tainted by political propaganda ideologues. In addition, the dwarfed Homo erectus skeletons found recently who lived up to 15,000 years ago show us that the picture is complex. Professor Coon states that race predates the rise of Homo sapiens. The possibility that races can be older than species had to be explored. I soon found, by reading and through conversations with biologists, that what I had thought was a revolutionary concept was so common an event in nature that others rarely bothered to mention it; to wit, that a species which is divided into geographical races can evolve into a daughter species while retaining the same geographical races.

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