Phantom Flight 93


By Victor Thorn/Lisa Guliani, Published in 2007



Could September 11’s Flight 93 be the key to unraveling the entire 9-11 mystery? In Phantom Flight 93 – the first and only book to emerge from the 9-11 truth movement on this subject – you will discover how this event in Shanksville could very well be the smoking gun which exposes the government’s falsehoods once and for all. Starting with physical evidence – especially a 10×12 foot crater in an abandoned strip mine – it becomes clear that a passenger jetliner could not have possibly crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania where federal officials said it did. Rather, the reality of that fateful morning is much more troublesome, and far more sinister. Also revealed in this book are a plethora of lies concerning the now-infamous cell phone calls purportedly made by individuals such as Todd Beamer, 9-11 passenger list oddities, corrupt officials who have been covering up this matter, and the many inexplicable anomalies surrounding the Sept. 11 attacks on America and the fate of Flight 93. For too long, Flight 93 has been overlooked by researchers and commentators in the alternative media. With the arrival of Phantom Flight 93, the public will finally see that they were deceived not only about the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon, but also about an unproven crash in southwest PA which became the stuff of legend, but was ultimately nothing more than a poorly executed hoax.

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