Racial Hybridity


By Philip Jones, Published in 1979



Race is one of the most vital matters that a man will ever face, because race is as basic as life itself. Race is a very broad subject, and many important facts are to be found in books, magazines, and other printed materials. However, many facts have been lost to us, because manuscripts have been burned, hidden, suppressed, and/or destroyed. Most of our universities today are staffed and run by Jewish eugenists who either will not or dare not teach the truth on the subject of race, since it would be contrary to what they perceive as their best interests. It is therefore of utmost importance that important racial truths be gathered and republished in every generation. This is the avowed purpose of this book. Great scholars and thinkers on racial matters, in the last century, left us a treasury of information which should not be wasted or forgotten.

This book offers an introduction to the subject of race, particularly race-mixing and its vitiating effects on society.

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