Rhodesia’s Death Europe’s Funeral


By Michael Walsh, Published in 2016



Transfer of African colonies to occupation by global finance was cunningly sold as the inevitability of Black rule. Western and Soviet-backed Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo were proxy armies like today’s so-called Syrian ‘rebels’. African despots are bankers’ tenants and Africans their major victims. The fraud was carried out by political elites who, compromised by fiscal and sexual indiscretions, were blackmailed to do the banks’ bidding. NATO West blockaded Rhodesia whilst the Soviet Union funded, trained and armed terrorists hyped by media as noble partisans fighting for democracy and freedom. Government and media, Church, Anti-Apartheid Movement and leftist-liberals, singing to the same Red hymn sheet, unleashed hell on Africa. Church leaders referred to African-killing terrorists as Christian soldiers. Today the ‘winds of change’ sweep across Europe. The same dark forces now inflict on ethnic-Europe a bloodbath of epic proportions. This, if successful, will transfer total control of Europe to the same global banking houses; Africa yesterday Europe tomorrow.

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