Rivonia Unmasked!


By Lauritz Strydom, Published in 1965



First published in 1965, this book was the white South African government’s official version of the famous 1963-1964 “Rivonia Treason Trial” which saw 8 top South African Communist Party and African National Congress leaders, Nelson Mandela included, sentenced to life imprisonment for an incredible plan to seize power by violence in South Africa and turn it into a Marxist state.

Evidence at the trial showed that the Communist parties in the Soviet Union, Algeria, China, Czechoslovakia and East Germany all actively supported the plot and that the ANC was completely dominated by the SACP.

The value of this book is not restricted to now-suppressed revelations on the ANC/SACP axis.

It also vividly demonstrates how the Apartheid government was out of touch with reality, believing firmly that the ANC did not represent the majority of black people and that it was “only” the Communists who were the problem. It was a delusion that would cost White South Africa dearly.

  • Another fact which also emerges clearly from this book, although it is not overtly stated, is that almost all of the so-called “white” conspirators involved in the ANC plot were Communist Jews.

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