Rome and Jerusalem


By Moses Hess, Published in 1918



It was Ruskin who divided all books into two classes: into books of the hour and books for all time. To the first belong the great majority of books; to the second, the few and chosen. To the latter belongs Rome and Jerusalem. It is as timely to-day as it was fifty-six years ago, when it first saw the light of day; and, in a sense, even more timely, for Rome and Jerusalem belongs to the very few books which are written in advance of their time. To-day, when Zionism has grown from a mere dream in the minds of a few, to a great ideal which is the goal of a great organization, and Jewish Nationalism has become a mighty force in Jewish life, the translator feels confident that an English version of Rome and Jerusalem, the herald of Nationalism and trumpet of Zionism, will certainly find a welcome reception among those to whom the future of the Jewish people is a matter of deep concern. For the book bears a message to the Zionist and non-Zionist alike. To the first it supplies the the philosophic basis and the depth of thought which are essential for the conception as well as the realization of his ideal. To the second it furnishes a broader view of Judaism and of the Jewish problem and its solution.

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