The Six Million: Fact or Fiction?


By Peter Winter, Published in 2016 (6th Ed.)



Now in its sixth edition, The Six Million:Fact or Fiction, has been revised, updated and expanded once again to include a number of new sections.

The new sections include:

– The dismissal of the Wannsee Conference “extermination plan” as a “silly story” by Yad Vashem’s Professor Yehuda Bauer;

– An expansion of the section dealing with the fake “Gas Chamber 1” on display at the Auschwitz Camp;

– A new section exposing the hoax of the “gassing of the Hungarian Jews” and their dispersal to labor camps in Germany;

– Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski’s evidence at the Eichmann trial;

– A new section dealing with the “eye-witness” evidence of Rudolf Reder from Belzec;

– The admission by Anne Frank’s father that he co-authored the book now known as the “Diary of Anne Frank”; and

– An extract from the Korherr Report which reveals that as of December 1942, there were only 9,127 Jews in all the concentration camps.

In addition, the previous appendices dealing with “survivor hoaxes” has been incorporated into the “Eyewitness” chapter.

This work is without doubt the single most important revisionist overview of the legend of the “Six Million” Holocaust ever yet published.

Just some of the amazing revelations in this book include:

– How Zionists and Nazis cooperated before the war on writing Germany’s racial laws—and in the setting up of Jewish settlements in Palestine;

– How Zionists offered to take up arms for Nazi Germany against Britain during World War II;

– How Nazi policy was first aimed at encouraging Jews to emigrate, and then after the war broke out, to evacuating them east of the Urals;

– How official German records shows that there were 4.5 million Jews under Nazi control, and of that number, 4.3 million lodged claims as “Holocaust victims” after the war;

– How the Soviet Union used torture to produce the lion’s share of “confessions” extracted from Germans to support the “extermination” allegations;

– How the Jewish lead prosecutor in the “Einsatzgruppen” trials publicly admitted to having witnessed torture and personally used death threats to extract “confessions”;

– Exactly what Adolf Eichmann Confessed to—and what he did not;

– The shocking lies and distortions contained in the two John Demjanjuk trials;

– How the Auschwitz Camp Museum has formally admitted that the “gas chamber” it has shown to millions of tourists is actually a fake;

– How original German architect plans of Auschwitz show no “gas chambers”;

– How forensic chemical examination of Auschwitz has disproved the use of Zyklon-B in the so-called “ruined gas chambers”;

– How official Israeli and Polish university archaeological digs at Belzec and Sobibór have failed to find any evidence of “gas chambers”; and of how a similar dig at Chelmno directly contradicted “eyewitness” testimony;

– How the “gas chambers” at Majdanek have glass windows, baths, and real showers for the alleged “victims”;

– How the “carbon monoxide” gas bottles on display at Majdanek, still connected to a “gas chamber,” are in fact engraved and marked as “carbon dioxide!”;

– Details of the “Star of David gas chamber tile” hoax at the 2013 Treblinka archaeological dig;

– How a delousing chamber at Dachau has been misrepresented as a homicidal gas chamber;

– How German POWs were forced to alter a shower room at Sachenhausen to support a Soviet show trial—but that the forgery was so crude and embarrassing that the Communists knocked down the building in 1952.

– The Bergen-Belsen camp is also reviewed, along with an explanation of the typhus epidemic which swept the camp in the last months of the war and created the horror images of emaciated dead bodies now associated with “the Holocaust.”

This new version also deals with the “eyewitness survivor” memoirs and their outright lies and forgery, starting with a superbly illustrated expose of the faked memoirs of “Nazi hunter” Simon Wiesenthal and many others.

Finally, the last section discusses the all-important question of how and why the Holocaust storytellers have gone through so much trouble to make up the incredible story of the “Six Million.”

If you only ever read one book about the Holocaust, this has to be it.

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