Sweet Dreams and Terror Cells


By Frank Raymond, Published in 2015



In this opening volume of the series When Giants Break the Spell, Old Bill ruminates about the funeral of a police dog, and slides into a sweet dream. He has the forest mind of the European, treasuring the mystery of the dense forest, the charm of free-roaming animals, green plains stretching to horizon hills, and the cool spacious lands of the West. He and Philip contemplate about like matters: birdwatching, crossword puzzles, book clubs and murder mystery evenings — nuggets in the Caucasian way of life. Shahedul Islam laments that if white people disappear, he will no longer see men and women creating true science fiction, walking in fantasy costumes to a fancy dress party, and reveling in Dracula and Frankenstein. Fun, fantasy, imagination and Nature love. They form a question: Why is that in the eyes of the media, the social regime and the ‘liberals,’ the white race alone is guilty, worthless, dispensable, soon to vanish gently into that good night in “the new demographic”? Innocent thoughts?

The ruthless operatives of the Scorpion, the ‘dirty tricks’ outfit of the Sneak Rulers and Mind Masters, do not think so. And neither does Task Force Cobra, hurriedly formed by the Government of Canada. Because behind these characters there loom shadowy figures. Richard Hall has struck at the very heart of the powers that be, and is determined to do better this time around. Professor Ames Wesley has dared to make The Speech. Khaled, the Dubai millionaire, is financing Richard. Have these people teamed up with Middle Eastern resistance fighters? Perhaps they will. All of them hate the New World Order.

Shane Douglas loves the children of his people, and wants to see more generations of them. That makes him a dangerous radical in the eyes of the Sneak Rulers, and a hateful ‘white supremacist’ in the mind of his liberal ex-wife. He is captured by the Scorpion. They torture him, but he finds escape in a mental journey, and undertakes the first-ever exploration of the mythic in the soul of man.

A secret mini-war begins on both sides of the US-Canada border. It is a battle of the mind against the Mind Masters and Sneak Rulers, and a battle of wits and bodies against their spies, informants, killers, sympathizers and dupes. Some see it as a war for the existence of their people. Others simply want an end to the New World Order, its warmongering, its globalization and its destruction of their nation-state — the destruction of their way of life. All of them are common folks. But perhaps some of their friends are not all that friendly.

Moral Courage vs Genocide, Idealists vs Mind Masters, valor in the face of police state repression. Will the Sneak Rulers extinguish this spark of resistance, or can a few ordinary folks strike a blow to break the spell and wake the sleeping giant?

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