The Alternative Right


By Greg Johnson, Published in 2018



During the 2016 US presidential election, the “Alt” or Alternative Right went from the margins to the mainstream of political debate when Hillary Clinton gave a speech trying to tar Donald Trump by tying him to White Nationalists, conspiracy theorists, and cartoon frogs. Suddenly, “normies” were asking where the Alt Right came from, who its leading thinkers are, and where it wanted to take America. Greg Johnson’s The Alternative Right answers those questions.

The Alternative Right defines the ideas of the Alt Right and charts its rise and fall by gathering together 35 articles, primarily from the leading English-language New Right journal, Counter-Currents Publishing’s webzine North American New Right (

The Alternative Right contains articles on race, the Jewish question, White Nationalism, conservatism, libertarianism, populism, nationalism, the Trump phenomenon, political correctness, memes, image boards, trolling, ironism, religion, the arts, sexual politics, and the relationship of the Alt Right to the European New Right, Southern nationalism, Eastern European nationalism, National Socialism, civic nationalism, conspiracy theorists, the manosphere, and the so-called “Alt Lite.”

The Alternative Right features leading white advocates Jared Taylor, Kevin MacDonald, Gregory Hood, Hunter Wallace, John Morgan, Colin Liddell, and Greg Johnson; rising stars Aedon Cassiel, Spencer Quinn, Lawrence Murray, Patrick LeBrun, David Yorkshire, Michael Bell, Ruuben Kaalep, Émile Durand, James Lawrence, and Donald Thoresen; and new voices F. C. Stoughton, Wolfie James, and Adam Wallace.

The Alternative Right is unique in the growing literature on the Alt Right, which is mostly written from the Left and is often marred by tendentious editorializing and simple factual inaccuracies. This volume views the Alt Right from the Right, from the vantage point of participants, fellow travelers, and sympathetic critics. The authors are close enough to the Alt Right to ensure fair and accurate statements of its positions, but one of the leading traits of today’s racially conscious Right is its intense intellectual contentiousness, which guarantees lively debate.

The Alternative Right is an essential volume for those who wish to understand the rising tide of racial consciousness and populist nationalism throughout the white world.

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