The Coming Corporate State


By Alexander Raven Thomson, Published in 1934



Alexander Raven Thomson outlines the (pre-WW2) British Union of Fascists economic proposals to “Democratise” Britain’s economic system. The Coming Corporate State sets out in clear and precise terms the economic infrastructure that would be put in place once the British Union of Fascists came to power. British Union would transfer ownership of all industrial and commercial organisations above a certain size to one of eighteen Corporations covering every aspect of business activity.

The Corporate State is a means of equating economic forces to the needs of the Nation. It is designed to end the chaos and disorder of the present economic system, and replace them by an organised economy. It is designed to break the hidden dictatorship of vested interests and alien financiers who exploit present conditions for their own benefit. These powers have driven Labour Governments out of office, they dictate the policies of National Governments, but they will never control a Corporate State.

It is interesting to note that many points of the British fascist program have actually been silently realised not only in Britain but also in Europe and America. A must read for everyone.

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