The Conquest of Civilization


By James Henry Breasted, Published in 1926



The fact that man possessed the capacity to rise from bestial savagery to civilization is the greatest fact in the history of the universe as known to us. This amazing capability disclosed a kind of buoyancy of the human spirit. We are now in a position to define in its largest terms the scene of the evolution of civilization and to place geographically the region which brought forth the culture we have inherited.

The Great Northwest Quadrant [including all Europe, southwestern Asia and northern Africa] has been until recently the scene of the highest development of life on our planet.

The population of the Great Northwest Quadrant, from the Stone Age onward, has been a race of white men of varying physical type. The evolution of civilization has been the achievement of this Great White Race.

The type of man with straight and wiry hair, round head, almost beardless face, and yellow skin – a man whom we call Mongoloid did not develop civilization until long after civilization was already far advanced in the Northwest Quadrant.

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