The Day Dixie Died


By Thomas & Debra Goodrich, Published in 2001



Thomas and Debra Goodrich’s book The Day Dixie Died: Southern Occupation, 1865-1866 is one of a small handful of books that dares to tell the truth about what really happened in the American South in 1865.

BRA’s historians prefer to focus exclusively on black suffering, noble Yankees, the preservation of the Glorious Union, Lincoln’s assassination, the abolition of slavery, and the wickedness of Southern opposition to Reconstruction.

The Southern reader is always left with the gut feeling that something is being deliberately omitted from their narrative. Court historians are not telling the whole story. There is a sneaking suspicion that history is being written from the perspective of the victors.

What about the losers? If the Union won the War Between the States, then the Confederates were the losers. In The Day Dixie Died, Thomas and Debra Goodrich describe in vivid detail what life was like for the losing side in the year that followed Appomattox.

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