The Ethnostate


By Wilmot Robertson, Published in 1993



First published in 1993 by the author of The Dispossessed Majority, this seminal work on ethnonationalism lays out the practical and moral necessity for the creation of a European ethnostate, either in America or Europe, as the only way in which the European people and civilization can be saved from the imminent swamping of the First World by the Third.

This book does not deal with the “how” of such a state is to be achieved, but is rather focused on why it is necessary and what its structure should be.

After first properly enunciating the need for a smaller homogenous state—as opposed to minority status in a large polyglot country—he delves into what should the preferred political structures, economic systems, educational standards, moral and social norms, the requirements of art and culture—and almost every other facet of an organized society.

This, he argues, is necessary to regenerate European civilization after what he sees—and appears increasingly likely—as the final collapse of the United States of America, and, very likely, Western Europe under a Third World tsunami.

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