The Holy Book of Adolf Hitler


By Mike Walsh, Published in 2015



As the global appeal of Adolf Hitler grows the allure of the great social reformer appears irresistible. In Hitler’s Reich people see a struggle in which David fights to the death the British, American and Soviet Goliaths. Is it a spiritual significance that explains the enduring appeal of a man, who from the most humble beginnings, reached the stature of Jesus Christ. Today, the empires of Hitler’s conquerors are gone or in America’s case about to. Meantime, the Spirit of Adolf Hitler and the Swastika rise from the ashes of distressed Europe. Like the Great Redeemer, regardless of how many curses are placed on his head, the most lied about man in history continues to spread his message for a saner more just world. The most popular leader in European history refuses to die because the peoples of the world want him to live.

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