The Partisan


By Fenek Solere, Published in 2014



The Fifth Republic: Son of a murdered activist during the Algerian War, the ambitious French Minister of Justice, Said Ben Hassi, dreams of a Pan-Eurabian Caliphate. But his is not the post-colonial revanchism of a haunted man; it is the logical end product of decades of corrupt politics and misguided utopianism. The old European establishment, weak and morally bankrupt, is impotent. The ancient French, victims of their own selfishness and nihilism, are fading, demoralised, and increasingly disenfranchised. The Resistance: Yet, the spirit of Charlemagne and Charles Martel is not quite dead: a young resistance movement has emerged, determined to overthrow the Eurabian conquerors. It’s come to this . . . It’s kill or be killed. La Pétroleuse: Their best weapon is Sabine D’Orlac, La Petroleuse, who leads a violent paramilitary cell. Utterly ruthless, she will stop at nothing. But neither will the enemy. At stake is the future of Europe.

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