The Proclamation of London


By Francis Parker Yockey, Published in 1949



Written in 1949, this was Yockey’s manifesto for his then newly formed group, the European Liberation Front. As such, it distills the ideas developed in his neo-Spenglerian magnum opus, the 600-page Imperium. The Proclamation was initially circulated in pamphlet form, and as have the few, fugacious re-prints that appeared in the decades following. With our memorial edition this will be the first time that this important text, unique in the English language, appears in a durable, library-grade format, for the benefit of Yockeyist, collectors, and researchers alike. It comes with a major introductory essay by Michael O’Meara, along with Kerry Bolton the world’s leading Yockeyist. It also comes with illustrated sections, dozens of footnotes, a detailed index, and cover artwork by Alex Kurtagic.

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