The Promethean Right


By Romain d’Aspremont, Published in 2021



All throughout the West, right-wing populism is gaining ground under the bewildered gaze of globalized elites. The conservatives are jubilant: their ideas are set to triumph and defeat the liberal-libertarian agenda. What if it was just the opposite? What if the Right could hope for no more than fleeting electoral victories? What if, in the long run, it was doomed to lose the ideological war? The Right suffers from a crippling handicap: for regardless of how bold it can be fighting opposing visions of utopias, if it remains idle in forging one of its own then it will wither having failed to secure its place in the future. This attitude gives the Left the supreme privilege of guiding the future and forging the New Man.This is why the Right must itself urgently come up with a new vision of Man. This essay provides said vision and goes beyond. It develops a new progressivism, revamps transhumanism, outlines a new morality, and births a Promethean cosmology. Romain d’Aspremont graduated from Sciences Po Paris. He formulates an uncompromising critique of the ideological fundamentals of the conservative Right.

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